10 Obvious But Easily Overlooked Ways To Build Your 'Forever' Relationship

by George Howard

Isn't it startling the number of unhappy, unfulfilled relationships out there?

A long time ago, I set out on a mission to create an incredibly fulfilling and loving relationship that was different from the normal relationships so many people seem to be in.

I didn't want drama; I didn't want argument after argument; I didn't want distrust and dishonesty; I didn't want jealousy and insecurities taking over the relationship.

My partner and I strive for excellence and we never settle for less than the best in each other. This is rare, but it doesn't need to be.

I'll show you what I've experienced to be the best things to allow a long-term relationship to thrive.

If you apply these ten things to your relationships, they will be transformed forever.

1. Reveal your most authentic self.

Love can't flow in a relationship if there is a lack of authenticity.

For a relationship to thrive, we must allow ourselves to be completely authentic with each other. We must reveal our true selves.

Authenticity creates such a strong bond. I'm never more connected to my partner than in those moments of truth.

2. Communicate.

Your partner can't read your mind, even if you wish they could.

Communicate verbally what you want, feel, desire, and hate. Tell them what you're happy with and what you're annoyed about. It's a must.

Viktor Solomin

3. Give without expecting anything in return.

To give unconditionally means to give without ever needing anything back.

This means losing any expectations you may have. Just because you did something nice for the other person doesn't mean they have to do something for you too.

Simone Becchetti

If you can give without expecting anything in return, then you won't look to your partner for fulfillment. Instead, you'll fulfill yourself through your own kindness. This is fearless loving.

4. Be present.

If you're with your partner one-on-one, then be with your partner in the moment with utmost presence.

What's the point if we are only half there? Drop your phone. Forget everything else. Just be with each other.

5. Support each other.

Never hold back your partner for fear of them finding something better than you. Never bring them down because you're scared they'll spread their wings and fly away.


Support them in all they do and allow them the freedom to fly free in all their potential.

With the support of the one that loves us most, anything is possible.

6. Be the greatest listener your partner has ever experienced.

We all love being listened to. It's so powerful to be fully present with someone and actively listening to all they want to express.


By listening, we allow a space for our partners to open up and be truly authentic. By listening, we allow our partners to feel seen, noticed and not judged.

7. Create a shared vision.

Create a life together. Create a shared vision where you can both seek your individual desires but also move forward together.

Jovo Jovanovic

A shared vision for the future builds a strong bond where we can get excited and inspired by each other. It's a way to work together toward the life we both want.

8. Have fun.

If a relationship isn't fun, then what's the point?

Sure, we have responsibilities, mouths to feed, and money to earn. But we must never lose that sense of fun.

Michela Ravasio

Play. Flirt with each other. Laugh. Be silly.

9. Thank each other.

My partner and I are two incredibly grateful people. One of the things that makes our relationship thrive is our ability to thank each other for every little thing that we do.

Be grateful for being in each other's lives.

Make a list of ten or more things you are grateful for about your partner and read them out to each other. Never forget to thank each other for the smallest of things.

10. Touch each other, often.

Cuddle, kiss, touch each other's bodies, make love, and give each other pleasure without wanting anything back.

Touch brings connection and creates a strong bond, so do it as often as possible.

Do these ten things and they'll make a huge difference to your relationship. They are so simple but many people don't do them, or they forget about them once a relationship has been going for a while.

Don't take people for granted. If you've been with each other for a while, don't ease off. Don't treat your partner like they'll always be around.

Love now, or you may just miss your chance.