What It Means To Be In A Mutually Trusting Romantic Relationship

by Lauren Santye

One of the most important aspects of being in a relationship is having mutual trust for one another.

Now, this might sound like a blatantly obvious statement, yet it’s surprising how many couples are stuck in a place where they don’t fully trust one another.

I think we have all heard or maybe even said ourselves, “I trust my boyfriend/girlfriend, I just don’t trust other girls/guys.” We say this, trying to prove our lack of trust isn’t a result of our partners; it’s the rest of the world’s fault.

Granted, there are times when people can be relentless in pursuing someone who is already in a relationship. However, you shouldn’t have anything to fear if you have faith in the person you are with.

If you truly believe your partner won’t do or say anything that could compromise what the two of you have, then that is real trust.

For me, I value trust and honesty above all else. If we don’t have that, then you don’t have me. It’s a true stepping stone in building a relationship with a rock solid foundation.

Having confidence in your partner is a good thing, so here are some benefits of being in a mutually trusting relationship:

You have no fear of the future.

Sometimes you can be so wrapped up in the “what ifs” and the “maybes,” you can’t picture a future with the person you are with.

This may lead to questions of, "What if my marriage ends in divorce, or my spouse cheats on me?"

If you are in a trusting relationship, you know those can be serious questions, but you aren’t afraid of them because you have faith in your partner.

There are no boundaries with what can be discussed.

I am someone who tells my boyfriend everything. I am so open with him, there are times I think he wishes I would just stop talking.

The beauty of being in a relationship where my trust for him is unwavering is that we have the freedom to discuss anything.

There is nothing too weird, private, embarrassing, silly or serious that we can't talk about. There is never a conversation that is off-limits, or a moment I fear one of us will get upset.

Because of this openness we have with one another, we spend a great deal of time just talking.

We don’t need phones or TV to distract us; there are nights we will just sit for hours talking. The ability to do this is important in having a prosperous relationship. 

You never have to question if your partner is being honest.

If you trust your partner and there is no lying or secrets between the two of you, you never have to question whether he or she is telling you the truth.

There is nothing worse than having to wonder or to try to decipher if your boyfriend or girlfriend is telling you the truth. This is something that can put a huge strain on a relationship.

You will feel much less stressed and happier if you don’t feel like you have to question if what you are being told is the truth or a lie.

You don't have to be in communication 24/7.

When I get home from a long day of work, there is nothing I would rather do than get lost in a book or binge-watch a TV show without having to talk to anyone.

There are times when hours pass and not a single phone call or text is passed between my boyfriend and I. During this time, I never have to wonder if he is up to anything bad and vice versa. I love that.

Having the freedom to do what I please, without having to be glued to my phone for fear of what the other person might be doing, is a completely freeing experience.

Going out with your friends alone is a non-issue.

Some people won’t go anywhere without their significant others.

Of course, as you get older, it is only natural you spend a lot of time doing things together, but there can be a deeper-rooted issue if you can’t ever be anywhere without your partner.

If the reason you can’t be with your friends without your partner is because you don’t trust each other, there’s a problem.

Friends are so important to have in your life. Good friends help keep you grounded and sane. When I am with my friends, I like to keep my phone away. If I spent the entire time texting my boyfriend, what would be the point in spending time with them?

If you’re mentally checked out or worried your significant other might be up to something, you are cheating not only yourself, but also your friends.

Nights with your friends are so much more fun when you aren’t worried or anxious.

My favorite thing to do after a girls' night is give my boyfriend a call on my drive home. During this time, we get to swap stories about our nights, and it only helps further our bond with one another.

Long-distance relationships are easier.

Some couples do not have the luxury of being in a relationship with someone who is in close proximity.

For those who wish to make it work, long distance can be really trying. Just imagine how difficult it would be if you couldn’t trust your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Currently, my boyfriend lives in New York City, while I live in New Jersey. Thankfully, we are only a short train ride away from one another, but because of our schedules and the distance, we normally only see one another on weekends.

If I were unable to trust him, it would leave me unhinged.

Broken trust can drive someone to the brink of insanity. Since I am confident in what he does and have faith in his character, I have zero worries.

By not trusting your partner, you are setting yourself up for a relationship that could have a lot more potential than it does.

If complete trust is something you don’t think is ever possible to achieve in your bond with another, that might be something that needs to be reevaluated within your relationship.

Life is so much happier and more fulfilling when you are in a relationship with someone you can totally and completely trust.