There's no one way to have a nice ass.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why A Nice Butt Can't Be Beat

And FYI, there's no one way to have a divine behind 🍑.

by Elite Daily Staff
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Who doesn’t love a good behind? Squishy or firm, big or small, there’s no one way to have a nice ass, as cute butts come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes, it feels like the world only looks to the butts of women, and it feels unfair to leave the nice butts of men behind. Man butts are just as glorious, after all. They bounce, but won’t bounce when you need them. They stand up for you, but also know when to take a backseat. It’s home to thousands of highly concentrated nerve endings, but more importantly, it’s home to your heart.

Life is simply better with a side of trufflebutter, and butts of all shapes, sizes, and genders truly deserve more appreciation. Here are 18 reasons why you should show some love to a nice butt.

They Show A Person’s Softer Side

A person may come off strong and tough, but no matter what, they’ve always got a soft spot. They get in tush with their love for you.

They’re A Cushion For When You Fall

If you trip up in life and conveniently land on your ass, at least you have something squishy to soften the blow.

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They’re The Ultimate Dance Ass-cessory

Someone with a great butt has spent their whole life working at it, so they’re probs used to shaking things up especially on the dance floor. Butts were made for grooving, after all.

They Serve As The Perfect Pillow

Forget cuddling in your lover’s bony arms. Give your head a real rest by setting it on your SO’s pleasantly perky peaks instead. It’s the ultimate pillow: soft like high thread-count sheets, firm in all the right places, and won’t mind your drooling over it.

They Look Great In Jeans

The tighter, the better. You can look and tush! And your butt may look just as good in your genes as it does in denim. According to studies, a big butt is actually good for your heart and brain. Now that’s something to grab onto.

Instead of taping fitspo pictures of J.Lo and Nicki on your fridge, you can just admire his. As it walks away to go to the gym, you’ll be sure to follow.

They Celebrate Sexual Diversity & The Disintegration Of Gender Roles

Too real?

All butt are equal, and no matter who they belong to or how they look, they’re all equally fantasstic — no ifs, ands, or butts about it.