5 Reasons Your New Guy Isn't Trying To Make Your Fling Official

by Dheandra Jack

We've all seen those memes about how living in hook-up culture when you're a hopeless romantic is hell. Now, don't get me wrong; there are perks to being single. But sometimes, the thought of snuggling up next to a significant other outweighs the thought of turning up with friends or hooking up with your latest boy toy.

When it comes to establishing monogamy, well, it gets a little complicated these days. When does the talking stage change into going on actual dates? When do occasional dates morph into officially dating?

If you're stuck in between the dates and the dating stage, here are five possible reasons why the cutie you're seeing hasn't made it official yet:

1. He just got out of a relationship.

Not everyone who is fresh out of a relationship is looking to jump right into another one. If your guy was recently in a relationship, he may just love the fact that you guys have a casual, no-label thing going on.

While this definitely means he doesn't want anything serious right now, that doesn't mean he won't want to make it official in the future.

2. He doesn't have time to fully commit to you.

If you're involved with a guy who's busy doing a ton of different things, he may just not have enough time to devote himself to an actual relationship. Yeah, he may have some downtime to squeeze you in for a date here or there, but a relationship is a time-consuming thing.

If he doesn't want to add you to the list of commitments he has, don't take it personally. Remember that schedules change. If he's serious about you, he'll move things around to make you a priority.

3. He's getting all the benefits of a girlfriend without the title.

If you're offering your guy all the amazing benefits of having you as a girlfriend without making it known that you'd like the label sooner rather than later, he probably won't feel the need to make it official. There's literally nothing the label will change in terms of the way you're treating him, so in his head, it makes no sense to take that step.

Don't feel the need to offer him your all if he's not yet willing to do the same.

4. He's seeing other people, and he wants to keep doing that.

Being an official couple is different from being exclusive. If you two haven't declared that you're exclusively seeing one another, then there's really nothing stopping him from seeing other people.

This means there's really nothing persuading him to make it official. Work on establishing exclusivity first. Then, take the step toward a truly monogamous relationship.

5. He can't picture a future with you.

At the end of the day, when you enter a relationship with anyone, it's because you see a future with that person. If your guy is hesitant to make it official, that could mean he's not sure if he sees a future with you. This can change with time, of course. But if you two have been seeing each other for a while, you may need to have a serious conversation about what it is you want, and how you imagine the relationship between the two of you progressing.

There are a ton of different reasons why a guy may not make it official. However, if an official relationship is what you want from your guy, you need to make that known. Once you communicate this to him and channel a discussion about where the two of you are headed, things will hopefully be fine.