There's A New Flavored Condom That You'll Never Want To Use


Ah, flavored condoms. I don't know about you guys, but it throws me back to those sexual awakening days (Mom, stop reading now).

They were always the go-to contraceptive for me. Probably because they seemed more exotic and fun. But actually, as I'm typing this I remember my dad coming home with a big old batch of flavored condoms from a hospital he was working at and sliding the box across a table at me in an awkward manner. That was the reason. Thanks, Dad.

Anyway, no matter which one I used it would always smell like banana. Kinda like when you get a milkshake at McDonald's. Know what I mean?

I salute the men of today still opting for novelty condoms. It says a lot about a man.

Today there are even MORE flavors. One, however, should never have hit the shelves: Durian. Here's what they look like:


Never heard of them? Good for you. Keep it that way. It's literally the smelliest fruit in the world.

Asian condom company Karex is to blame for this nightmarish piece of latex.

Obviously, people are pretty upset about this.

Oh yeah, these actually exist...

Mr Justin Farmer (TM) raised this very important question.

And Linda posed a good "would you rather."

This guy used a vivid soccer analogy.

Some people were just confused AF.

And this woman predicted the future.

Basically durian condoms are a big pile of nope.

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