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These Tweets About Coming Out Day Will Make You Happy-Cry

The holiday is celebrated annually on Oct. 11.

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LGBTQ+ Americans have celebrated National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11 since 1983 — but, much like the process of coming out itself, the holiday has myriad meanings, and there’s no one way to celebrate it. For the many, many people who got #NationalComingOutDay trending on Twitter, though, Oct. 11 is the perfect day to introduce or reintroduce yourself, share your own stories and experiences, and show support for everyone who can’t come out just yet. (Or, if you’re me, Oct. 11 is the perfect day to look through your old social media posts and reminisce about the days you were just a very passionate LGBTQ+ ally who thought she was only watching Orange is the New Black for the plot. Again, coming out can be a process!)

On Twitter, people made plenty of pitch-perfect Coming Out Day jokes, but that wasn’t all. The inaugural Coming Out Day took place on the one-year anniversary of the historic Second National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Participants demanded, among other things, legal protections, the repeal of all anti-sodomy laws, and more federal funding devoted to researching and treating AIDS. Some people posted remembrances of that, too.

Today is a beautiful reminder that the process of coming out is a powerful, deeply personal one. And no matter what today means to you, it’s worth celebrating our history, our community, and ourselves. Here are just a few tweets that will make you laugh and cry (maybe at the same time).

Heartwarming Celebrations & Messages

...& Some Funny Ones

Finally, Some Important Reminders

Ultimately, though, you don’t need one designated day to share or celebrate your story and yourself. In fact, let’s keep this energy going — I wouldn’t mind if my Twitter feed looked something like this every day.