Here's Why Every Millennial Should Wait Until Their 30s To Get Married

Luis Felix

Have you ever been annoyed by all of the posts in your timeline about your former high school classmates getting married and having kids? Well, I decided to entirely block my Facebook news feed from all of that. I didn't have any other choice, it was too obnoxious.

For the past four years, what feels like every day (but is probably a couple of times a month), someone posts an Instagram of a giant engagement ring or a tear-induced picture of the man of their dreams on one knee, popping a question that seems almost too premature.

Aren't your 20s the time when you're supposed to do anything but get married? Isn't it the time when you're supposed to go on a bunch of terrible Tinder dates and use all of your disposable income to pay for a backpacking trip somewhere where you're guaranteed to take quality pics for Instagram?

If you're under the same impression that I am about your 20s, then you'll appreciate these five benefits of waiting until your 30s to settle down and get married:

1. Kiss a lot of frogs first.

Your 20s are prime time for you to go on a bunch of horrible dates and fall in (what you think is) love with a handful of different heartthrobs. But you may learn that that crazy little thing you think is love, is actually just a bad case of acid reflux or misguided hormones that enjoy chasing Mr. Wrong around the block one too many times. By your 30s, you have a better understanding of what you want and what you never want to deal with again.

2. Save your cash.

The first couple of years you leave college, grad school or law school, one of your top focuses will be building a savings account that doesn't look desolate and pathetic.

Whether you're saving up to pay for a house, a car or even just the ability to fully pay off your student loans, by your 30s, you can find yourself debt free as you toy with the idea of getting married and having joint bank accounts with the love of your life.

3. Explore the world.

Every girl deserves to rock their own single girl bucket list before they settle down and tie the knot. Whether that means backpacking Thailand alone for a month or just taking an epic girl's trip to Palm Springs for a weekend, having a to-do list of things you can only do when you're single is important to tackle before spending forever with a partner in crime.

4. Fairytales will flatten.

When you're planning a wedding in your 20s, you may have tingling urges to plan one that looks like the backdrop of a rom-com or something that screams a whole lot of Pinterest research. But mostly, you find yourself nodding your head at age-old traditions and expensive wedding features you've been told are "must-haves."

When you get a bit older and you find yourself going to more weddings than you're in the mood for, you start to trim your wedding expectations and realize it's less about the extravagant flower arrangements, and more about having a party that's filled with good friends, good food and good music.

5. Your career path makes more sense.

There's no guarantee you'll have your career figured out by your 30s, but there's a good chance you have a better idea of what you want to do and you've spent some quality time working toward a goal/paycheck that allows you afford living without eating Ramen and $1 slices of pizza every day.

A solid career path let's you turn your attention on the parts of your life you may have neglected when you were putting in those hours at work, like a relationship or building a future with the person you are eager to spend the rest of your life with.