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Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya spent New Year's with Joe Coleman.

Um, Michelle And Nayte Spent New Year’s With Joe, AKA Michelle’s Ex

I hope the kiss at midnight wasn't too awk.


Michelle Young’s Bachelorette season was lacking one thing: the traditional Bachelor Nation two-on-one date. But it seems like the former Bachelorette is making up for it now — sans the producer interference. Young and Nayte Olukoya spent New Year’s with Joe Coleman, another frontrunner from her season. Celebrating the beginning of 2022 with your new fiancé and recent ex might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but Young seemed to handle it with grace. She even posted a picture with both Olukoya and Coleman on her IG Stories on Jan. 1.

It didn’t seem like there was any lingering awkwardness between Young, Olukoya, and Coleman, despite how shocked Coleman seemed when Young eliminated him. In the photo, all three were smiling happily, and Coleman even flashed a peace sign for the camera. Ugh, I love the maturity.

The lack of visible discomfort might be because Young already saw Coleman around Minneapolis. On Dec. 22, she told E!, “I have not run into Joe's family, but I have run into Joe.” But it wasn’t too awkward. “We come from the same basketball community, and Joe and I did not leave on any bad terms,” Young continued.


Apparently, during their first post-show meeting, Coleman even congratulated her on the engagement. “He wished me and Nayte well. Nayte and Joe talk,” Young added, and at that point, Olukoya joined in the conversation, explaining his continued friendship with Coleman. “Joe is a good friend, and [he’s] coming to visit me in the near future. It's all love.”

Of course, being friendly in theory is a lot easier than being friendly IRL — especially when you’re waiting for the ball to drop and for the chance to kiss your fiancé at midnight. Still, it seems like Olukoya and Coleman are legit friends.

On New Year’s Eve, Olukoya also posted on Instagram. This time, it was a video of him and “Minnesota Joe” dancing the night away. Coleman reposted the Story, adding, “The boy 🍾” to the clip. So yeah, the bromance is real.

Here’s hoping this is a good omen for the rest of 2022!