Do Men Spend More On The Super Bowl Or Valentine’s Day?

Men dread Valentine’s Day. It’s a fact. Even if you have a perfect boyfriend who goes all out and indulges you for the Hallmark Holiday, I guarantee you that he just does it to avoid an argument, and really would rather spend his funds elsewhere.

Who knows, I could be wrong. wanted to figure this very question out once and for all, and decided to look into it: do guys spend more on you for Valentine’s Day, or for something they care about, like the Super Bowl?

The two days fall extremely close to each other, so it was extra interesting to see the results. Apparently, 45.4% of men will host or attend Super Bowl parties, and 59% of men will celebrate Valentine’s Day. So far so good for you hopeless romantics.

Men will spend an average of $97.66 on the Super Bowl and $107.73 on their ladies for Valentine’s Day. Not bad, but in reality, he’s only spending ten dollars more on you than to watch his favorite sport.

Men will distribute their funds for the Super Bowl as follows: 73.5% of their money will go towards Food/Beverages, 10.7% will go towards television (whatever that means), 8.8% will go towards purchasing extra furniture, 7% will go towards team apparel of accessories and 4.1% will go towards decorating (I’m sure the women in their lives have something to do with this).

On Valentine’s Day your guy will spend his money as follows: 58.3% on flowers, 48.5% on greeting cards, 46.8% on candy, 39.8% on an evening out, 28.9% on jewelry, 13.6% on clothing and 12.4% on a gift card/gift certificate (I wouldn’t recommend this guys).

Alright, alright, maybe he does care more about Valentine’s Day. Even I could be wrong… sometimes.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images