Men Reveal Why They Said 'I Love You' To Their GF When They Didn't Mean It

Listen, I'm not here to make anyone feel like a jerk for making mistakes.

The big "L word" is a confusing, powerful thing, and most of us are guilty of using those words incorrectly and at the wrong times. It's one of those "with great power comes great responsibility" kind of deals.

However, no one can deny how shitty of a situation it is to find out someone who told you they loved you, well, doesn't actually love you.

Luckily, there is a place for likeminded people to express shared experiences on this kind of thing, and that place, my friends, is the internet.

A bunch of men took to Reddit to explain the times they said "I love you," when what they really meant to say was "Um... erm... like... IDK... LOL..."

These poor guys' messages just got lost in translation.

Others just flat-out admitted they were morons and panicked.

These guys felt they were stuck in a situation and didn't have, like, a choice, I guess?

And then, like in any group of guys, there's at least ONE asshole.

Men: You can't live with them, and you can't trust them to get the important things right. That's what my mom always says, anyway.

Here's hoping you get it right next time, gents!