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Guys In Relationships Admit Why They Feel Pressured To Propose ASAP


For some guys, marriage is scarier than speaking in front of a large crowd of strangers, or even being the one who loses fantasy football and has to fork out a load of cash.

It means they're saying "I do" to a commitment that pairs them together with another human being for what could (and should) be a lifetime.

But for some guys, marriage is something they want to jump into as soon as they can, because they feel like their internal clock is ticking or like the person they're dating might leave if they don't.

Wondering what makes a guy feel like they have to “shit or get off the pot” when it comes to rushing down the aisle?

Here are eight real guys who admit why they felt the urge to pop the question ASAP:

1. I'm scared she's going to leave.

– Tobin D., 31

2. I'm not getting any younger.

– Kyle C., 40

3. Marriage is another checked box.

– Don C., 34

4. I need the financial security.

– Miguel C., 29

5. We're waiting until marriage.

– Todd V., 25

6. I really want kids.

– Corey S., 27

7. I was given an ultimatum.

— Nick P., 28

8. It's my only way to know if she's the one.

– Victor M., 30

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