Men Reveal The Things Women Do That Make Them Say 'WTF' And It's Hilarious

Women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, and therefore, we can never understand each other. (But let's all just agree women are doing everything right, OK?!)

For example, men, why do you ALWAYS need to have your hand down your pants? What are you checking for? Is your penis is still there? 

Of course, there are a lot of habits women about maintaining our personal appearance that stem from deep-rooted lessons society has engrained in us... and we also have loads of personal quirks that make us, you know, unique. And men just don't get that.

So in an effort to better understand women, men took to Reddit to answer one curious user's question, "What do women do that make you say 'WTF?'"

Of course, their responses are hilarious, relatable and — though I hate to admit it — sometimes even reasonable:

These guys just don't understand how much time flies when you have somewhere to be.

But TBH, their thoughts are kind of fair.

Look, if a guy cheated on us in our imagination, THAT'S ON HIM.

A lot of guys are bewildered by our fashion routines...

...even if a lot of those routines stem from how we were taught to please men in the first place.

And even I can agree men and women communicate differently.

Men ARE from Mars, after all.

But this man is the only person who understands our wonder and power.

Sure, the word this guy is looking for is "babies," but we see his point.

Ladies, you're all special snowflakes.

The things that make men say WTF are also the traits that make you special. So keep doing whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as you want (assuming you don't hurt anyone or yourself in the process, obviously).