Men Reveal Whether They Think Spending Too Much Time Together Ruins A Relationship

by Sean Abrams

If I find myself stuck in a pattern, things immediately just feel outdated and mundane.

I'm always looking for some genuine excitement and an opportunity to be surprised. I need something super passionate to light that fire under my small, perky butt.

When it comes to being in a relationship, constantly being around one another could feel more like a chore than genuine time well spent.

How are you supposed to look forward to hearing about your partner's day when you've been with them the entire time?

Being attached at the hip with someone you love can be a real detriment and lead to rough times down the road.

A handful of guys took to Reddit to say exactly what they're thinking about whether or not spending TOO much time with your partner affects your relationship.

And judging from their thoughts, I'm not the only one who needs a healthy dose of "me" time:

Sometimes, you'll just run out of things to talk about if you're always together.

If you have to give up what you used to enjoy, you'll just be resentful.

Lack of alone time means a big meltdown for this guy.

If you don't want the relationship to fizzle, don't exhaust it.

Your partner's routine habits could turn annoying really fast.

If you both enjoy closeness, then it's a perfect match.

Too much time together will make great things seem like background noise.

Sometimes, it all depends on your partner's needs and wants.

You shouldn't hang out with someone just because you feel obligated to.

Too much of a good thing gets boring SUPER fast.

Plus, spending every second with someone gets complicated.

Incompatibilities will probably start to surface much earlier if you don't leave the other person's side.

If you start to sacrifice your own hobbies and interests, it's not good.

Too much time with your partner will have you feeling left out of your friend circle.

Spending some time apart will ultimately make for a better connection.

The honeymoon phase is great and all, but getting sick of each other is a real thing, people.

If you're not living your best life already, without your significant other breathing down your neck at all times, their annoying habits will become much more prominent and drive you seriously bonkers.

Don't alter how you operate in life for the sake of someone else. That's just a spicy recipe for disaster.

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