Guys Admit Why Marriage Really Sucks Sometimes And You'll Be Glad You're Single

The age-old phrase “happy wife, happy life” may have some truth to it, but no matter how much you work to make your partner feel satisfied and equal in your relationship, marriage is hard.

Saying "I do" to a life with one other person, whom you vow to hold close through the ups and downs of expanding waistlines and endless burps, isn't always so pretty.

Your life can change when you're married, whether it's because now you're ditching your Saturday night ritual of going clubbing with your boys, or because now things feel more serious with your wife and you're talking finances, babies and other hard-hitting topics.

There's no doubt about it: Nothing will make you feel more "adult" than marriage.

While there is a good and bad side to everything, it's worth reading why these guys admit that sometimes marriage really does suck.

1. No sex.

It's like the second you put a ring on it, the sex stops. Before marriage, we had sex like four times a week, now I'm lucky if it's four times every two months. I don't know why or how this happened — it just did. I think we both got busy trying to build a life together that we lost some of the relationship fun.

– Marty P., 31

2. I have zero alone time.

I didn't live with my wife before we got married. Big mistake. After we got married, we moved in together and since then, I have had zero alone time. She's, like, always there. We don't do many things apart, which I think is a huge part of the problem. We've only been married for two years and it feels like twenty.

– Brett H., 30

I think marriage sucks because it makes you stuck at home when your friends are still living their lives.

3. We fight about money.

When you are married, everything feels serious. We fight all of the time about one thing: money. We have joint accounts, so we can track exactly what each other is spending, but it's just obnoxious because then we get mad at each other for secretly spending money on stupid things. Before when we dated, money just seemed easier to figure out, but now that we share finances, it's a constant battle over every single thing we buy or spend money on.

– Dustin V., 28

4. I never see my friends.

All of my guy friends are single, so I'm the only married one. They are still going out partying and picking up girls, and I'm stuck home doing things with my wife. I can go out, like, once a month with the guys but I can't justify going out every single weekend with them. I think marriage sucks because it makes you stuck at home when your friends are still living their lives.

– Roy F., 31

5. Everything gets serious.

When you're dating, everything is kind of up in the air. It's not definite that you have a future with that person, so you kind of don't care as much if you make them upset or mad. Now, everything is serious. Like, when I hurt my wife's feelings, I can't just ignore her for a day or two; I have to face the problem right then and there. Plus, like every conversation we have is serious. It really is a game changer getting married, and I don't think it's something for everybody.

– Carlos N., 32