Men Reveal The One Thing They’d Never Tell Their Girlfriends And Some Are Shocking

by Jamie LeeLo

Listen, to get by in life, there is a certain level of ignorance required to keep the peace.

Little white lies, withholding some information and not telling the full truth are all effective — albeit sneaky — ways to maintain happy and healthy relationships.

HOWEVER, there's always the internet to blow our secrets wide open.

One reddit user asked the question, "What are things you can NEVER tell your girlfriend?" and a lot of men's responses are either obvious, understandable or flat-out shocking.

Take a look and see if you could muster up the courage to reveal some of these secrets.

These guys do NOT want their girlfriends to know about their past partners.

These guys know bringing up their exes in front of girlfriends can't lead to anything good.

And please, please, please keep your girlfriends' moms out of it.


It's never a good idea to bring up your GF's weight or body issues. Don't be idiots.

A lot of guys want to hide their true... um... "hobbies."

Some hide their serious, powerful pasts.

And then, there's this asshole.

Hot tip: If you don't love somebody, there is NO RULE that says you have to tell them you DO love them. There also isn't a rule that says you have to date them at all! In fact, dude, just break up with her!

Of course, every relationship is different, but if you feel yourself lying more than you're loving, get outta there.

Oh, and dear GOD, please DO NOT compare us to your exes. Just don't.