Men Reveal How To Let A Date Know You Want To See Him Again Without Seeming Clingy

by Sean Abrams

I've been on dates before where, almost instantly, I know I want to see him again.

Sometimes, we've barely knocked back our first round of cocktails before I make up my mind. I start to wonder how he feels about Thai, because that's where we'll be dining on our second date next week.

At least, that's how it goes in my head. Typically, I will say nothing because I won't want to come off clingy (or insane).


It's hard to judge me or anyone in a similar boat. If you feel that instant connection, it's difficult to just let that slip away. Vibing is key when you're on a date, and if things click, it's reassuring to know you're doing something right.

Now, I've come to learn the real trick in not coming off like a total psycho.

Sure, you may already know you want to see that person again, but you don't need to scream out the names of your future children. Instead, resist coming off overeager and just play it cool.

Below, a handful of guys took to Reddit to help confirm my opinions on this by revealing what girls (or gay men like myself) should do on a date that'll let a guy know they're interested without being too clingy.

No one wants to date a suction cup.

Make sure you have your own life, too.

The key is to use "The Force."

Don't try to change someone's mind if they're not into you.

Just relax and try not to overthink things.

For some, how good-looking you are will play a big factor.

Show some general interest in the guy you're seeing.

Show off your flirtatious side (or some skin).

Act as genuine as possible.

Know the difference between "being interested" and "being clingy."

Disregard any advice you read online.

Just being honest is usually a good idea.

Initiate, initiate, initiate.

If you're the right girl for him, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Or... you could always just ask.

If you dial it back, and just enjoy yourself and the person's company, chances are they are, too.

Things will just naturally progress to a future hangout. No plan is a good plan.

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