Men Reveal The Intense Reasons They Suddenly Ended Their Long-Term Relationships

by Sean Abrams

No one gets in a relationship with an expected expiration date.

When things start to blossom with a new love interest, ideally, you're in it for the long haul. You want things to last forever. There's a sense of excitement in getting to know one another over time and continuing to celebrate how long you've existed as a couple through repeated anniversaries.

That being said, it's hard to fully trust that something will eternally last even with all the love in the world.

Sometimes, things just happen. People can fall out of love and long-term relationships fall apart. People can realize that "the one" they're with may be an amazing human, but they're just not "the one" they're supposed to be with.

The very wise Selena Gomez once said "the heart wants what it wants," and I don't think she's ever been more right.

A whole bunch of men took to Reddit to reveal the one thing that made them suddenly jump ship and call it quits on their own long-term relationship.

Everyone's got a valid reason.

These guys never felt anything when their girlfriends were away.

This guy was more into the concept of a relationship than the girl he was actually with.

Since he didn't really want children, this guy considered the relationship over.

Cheating was a huge factor for these guys when it came to ending their long-term relationships.

These guys broke up with their girlfriends after finding out they lied about their careers.

This guy was fed up with his girlfriend's anxieties and uncertainties in life.

Disagreements on marriage and the future led this guy to end it with his long-time girlfriend.

Refusing to attend his mother's funeral led this guy to ditch his girlfriend.

The concept of sacrificing his dream career was a complete relationship deal breaker for this guy.

These guys were completely indebted to their girlfriends, but they never showed signs of that same love.

This guy ended it after his girlfriend tried to trap him with a fake pregnancy.

This guy's concept of honesty was much different from that of his girlfriend's.

And if you are a fan of Olive Garden... I guess just break up with yourself.