Men Reveal The Extreme Things Their GF Would Have To Do To Get Dumped

When a man falls head-over-heels in LOVE with a woman, she can get away with pretty much anything.

Seriously, once a girl has locked in a guy, he's pretty freaking screwed, babe, for there are very few deal breakers when a guy has fallen in love.

We women could be deranged head cases, and if they love us enough, they'll still be putty in our hands.

But I think it's cute how many of our crazy antics men are willing to put up with just to stand next to us.

And, I mean, I DO get it. Women are gorgeous, smart and superior in every way to men. (I'm not a man-hater, I'm just realistic! Women push babies out of their vaginas. What's your superpower, dude?)

That being said, everyone — even a dude in the heavenly throes of love — has a breaking point that even the most intoxicatingly fabulous woman could cross.

In a recent Reddit thread, guys revealed their extreme deal breakers that would make them dump even their dream girl:

If she's physically abusive

Yeah, I have to say, physical violence should be a deal breaker for anyone. I don't care if she's a power lawyer with full lips and sharp wit. Violence is restraining-order worthy.

If she eats babies and abuses animals

I mean, all of these are horrible, but the biggest red flag to me is ABUSING AN ANIMAL. Do you know that harming small animals is potentially serial killer behavior? Just saying.

If she injects drugs

Yeah, intravenous drug use is a deal breaker for me, too.

If she acts truly deranged to her BF coming home from Afghanistan

Um, yes, if your girl acts like this kind of lunatic and proceeds to say she left YOU for "religious reasons," RUN and never look back, boy.

If she says something bigoted

If you're dating anyone — male or female — who says something bigoted, cut them out of your life ASAP!

Remember, you are who you date. So who do you want to be?

If she becomes a liberal

Well, I guess dirtysoutherngent and I will never date... for many reasons.

If she suddenly becomes super religious

I hear you, babe. However, there are plenty of men out there who would love a religious chick!

I guess girlfriend deal breakers are ~truly~ in the eye of the beholder.

If she murders you

Ah, yes, darling. You can't exactly date a girl when you're dead... unless she's dead, too. Then, you can date in hell, I guess?

If she buys a Wii

Yeah, um, I feel you, boy creature. I can't get down with adults who play video games, either! It's right on par with wearing light-wash jeans and having a misspelled name tattooed across your chest.

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