Men Reveal How To Avoid Seeming Clingy To A Guy Who Needs Space In A Relationship

by Sean Abrams
Jayme Burrows

There's nothing worse than a stage five clinger. You know, the people in relationships who latch on to you like a leech and need to be around you or in contact with you every moment of every day.

I'm all for showing love and affection, but too much time together is never a good thing.

Everyone needs to maintain their own lives (and a sizable amount of space) separate from their partner, simply for sanity's sake.

This doesn't need to be a reflection on the other person, nor does it hint at you them being inadequate. But sometimes, it's the time apart that makes the heart grow fonder.

Don't let someone's need for space tug at your insecurities and make you think something's wrong (and, in turn, become even more clingy).

To help you avoid coming off too clingy to a guy who likes his space in relationships, a group of gentlemen took to Reddit with some tips that'll put your worrying mind at ease:

In this guy's guidebook, he says to learn the beauty of a little silence.

Never guilt a guy just for wanting some alone time.

For this guy, it's all about compromise (and trying not to nag).

These guys think you should always communicate about how you want to spend your time.

A little positive reassurance in the relationship will go a long way when you're apart.

This guy thinks girls should stop reading into what "alone time" means.

Time apart helps this guy not be so dependent on the girl in his life.

This guy think it's important to know each other's wants and needs.

Hanging out too much may cause the attraction to fade out.

This guy thinks you should talk when you actually have something to say.

The key to a happy relationship is letting your partner know you appreciate your time together.

It's important to appreciate and accept your time together AND your time spent alone recharging.

Don't fault your partner for wanting alone time and make it seem like they're doing something wrong.

Live life, do you and miss 'em when they're gone. It'll make your relationship even better when you're reunited.