Men Reveal Advice They'd Give To The Next Guy Who Dates Their Ex And It's Juicy

by Sean Abrams

Some relationships just aren't meant to last.

While an amicable breakup is possible, it's not that uncommon for things to get EXTREMELY messy when couples part ways.

And a nasty split usually means both people will probably be on shitty terms with each other for a while. Your ex is basically Satan in your eyes.

So if you were to find the next love of your life, odds are, you probably wouldn't want your asshole of an ex giving them any sort of advice about you, would you?

Well, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit and explained exactly what they would say to the next guy who ended up dating their former girlfriends.

As you can expect, they had a lot to say, and it wasn't exactly pleasant:

Watch out for her being super lazy and only caring about herself.

Be on guard because she's a serial cheater.

You're going to have to compliment her all the goddamn time.

She's not emotionally available.

Have shoes at the ready because you may need to run away.

You'll need tons of patience to deal with her.

She expects everything but deserves nothing.

Start saving because she'll drain your bank account.

She takes too much pride in being independent.

Plain and simple: Just be sure to wear a condom.


Well, if this has taught you anything, it's to keep your currently partner away from your ex at all costs.

Chances are, you won't like what they have to say.

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