Everything I Want To Say To People In Love, From Someone Who Just Had A Breakup

I, like many of you, have probably read countless articles painting 2016 as the worst year in history (or at least in our lifetime's history).

And for me, this past year was one of the worst years simply because I was broken up with in November. Happy holidays to me, right?

In all honesty, though, I shouldn't let something that may seem insignificant to others make 2016 a terrible year, right? Well, I hate to break it to the people who have not experienced love yet, but it makes you do and say rash things.

Before someone tells me I am too young to know what "real" love is, just let this 20-something add another thing to their ever-growing list of worries and complaints.

And for all the people who do know what "real" love feels like (and are currently experiencing it), here are a few things I'd like to tell you:

Be present in the moment.

The very first thing — and the most important — to remember is to make sure you live in the moment.

Every date. Every dinner. No matter what you're doing, appreciate it as if those moments are going to be your last with that person.

Analyze every little detail about how lovely you know that person is and lock the picture into your memory. I promise you, no camera on Earth can compare to the way your eyes capture that special someone sitting right beside you.

Don't harp on toxic topics, like worrying about the future, because the moment is now, and the future can wait.

Make time to travel.

The second thing is to travel well and travel often. And there are two ways you can approach this.

If you have the means to do it, travel to a dream location — Europe, Asia or even a major city here in the United States.

For those of you who may not have the luxury to travel very far, that doesn't mean you can't travel within your home state or even your hometown. You will probably be surprised to find some hidden, fun locations actually around you.

So whether you bobsled on cardboard down a snowy hill in Central Park or have a picnic in the sun in the biggest field of your rural town, making time for adventures makes for wonderful memories.

Support each other always.

Always try to be there to support your partner in all of their endeavors. As simple as this action may sound, sometimes life tends to get in the way.

We all have our own priorities, and that is completely fine, but always remember, no matter how stressful your life may become, the person you love will be right beside you. So it's only common sense you give them the same treatment.

If something is bothering you, tell them. If something is bothering them, listen.

Although I could list a hundred other things I want to tell couples at the moment, these are the things that made me happiest that I ultimately lost sight of in my relationship.

Life goes on, and maybe I will, too, eventually. But for the time being, I'll reflect on the happiness someone I care about brought me and cherish the memories I have left.