Men Reveal Valid Reasons They Put Off Saying 'I Love You' To GF For The First Time

by Jamie LeeLo

Saying "I love you" is no small deal, and I wouldn't put it past anybody to be at least a little prudent when it comes to dropping the big L bomb.

That being said, sometimes, a refusal to drop "I love you" can feel like a big elephant in the room, squashing an otherwise seemingly happy relationship.

People might question WHY their significant other won't say it, especially if they've been together for a long time or if they feel strongly in love themselves.

Well, one female Reddit user asked men why they wouldn't say "I love you" to their significant others, and their responses were surprisingly mature.

Take a look at some of the reasons men hold off on that big four-letter word:

Some guys feel like the phrase itself is a little too ambiguous.

These guys believe love is more about how you ACT rather than what you SAY.

These guys won't make the jump unless they know they mean it.

This man trusts his gut more than anything.

And this guy just needs to grow up and get over himself already.

Overwhelmingly, men seem to agree there is a lot of gray area in this phrase that has very powerful implications.

I mean, it's not the WORST advice I've ever heard to hold off on saying it until you know for sure.

So listen, internet, after hearing what these guys think, what I'm trying to say is, I like-like you, OK?