Men Reveal The Silly Thing Their Girlfriends Did That Made Them Say, 'She's The One'

by Sean Abrams
Thais Ramos Varela

Finding your perfect soulmate isn't easy.

Cycling through relationship after relationship can turn into a mundane task that inevitably gets you nowhere and depletes your bank account.

Before you know it, your arms are thrown up to the heavens, and you're screaming, "WHY WON'T SOMEONE JUST LOVE ME ALREADY?"

No? Just me?

Usually, it's only after a few failed attempts that you find yourself with someone who seems to check off all the right boxes. Things seem promising, but you're still waiting for that sign that tells you this is meant to be.

And then, BAM. Like a big, yellow school bus, it hits you: She's the one for me.

But how do you know that, per se?

Well, for the handful of gentlemen on Reddit below, it was something quirky and out of the box that their girlfriends did that made them say, "Yup, she's the one."

When she can't hold in her excitement from being with you

When she gets really defensive in your presence

When she ends up being just as weird as you are

When her sense of humor is on the same page as yours

When she accidentally lets a fart slip out in front of you

When sports make her drool just a little bit

When she doesn't take any of your shit

When she's responsive to your pet names

When she admits she just loves you for being you

When she's young, wild, free and has a nice rack

There's no need to force yourself into finding "the one."

When that person is in standing right in front of you, you'll know it.

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