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What 7 Men Expect When They Buy A Woman A Drink At The Bar

Despite the rampant takeover of dating apps and those awkward first encounters where you reconcile your date's textual personality with his or her real one, the elusive art of buying a girl a drink at a bar exists. Yes, I'm referring to the old-fashioned, impromptu attempt at romantic engagement via alcohol with a real-life, living and breathing woman.

In fact, just last month — for the first time in a long time — a random man did just this. I've spent so much time going on Internet dates that I forgot what it felt like to have a human approach me.

Yet suddenly, I felt compelled to continue our conversation, even past the point where my interest waned. A half hour (and admittedly one tequila shot) later, the same man attempted to kiss me while still at the bar.

I instinctively turned away, but to my dismay, I felt a twinge of obligation to kiss him back, despite the fact that I wasn't interested. Was I feeling physically indebted to a stranger due to free alcohol?

This got me thinking. If I feel like I owe men something when they buy me a drink, then what exactly are men expecting when they do it?

As one does while seeking answers to strange, personal and semi-awkward questions, I asked this of everyone I knew, from longstanding male friends to Facebook acquaintances and recent Tinder dates. I posed the question“What do you expect when you buy a girl a drink?”

Not surprisingly, most of them relayed they hardly did this anymore. Regardless, they did have solid opinions:

— Erik, 25

— Anshel, 26

— Ben, 35

— Ian, 26

— Jordan, 29

— Jay, 27

— Brian, 28

There you have it, folks.

Moral of the story? The next time you're approached with the prospect of a free drink, tentatively accept, ask the fellow his intentions, make the encounter noticeably awkward and then write an article about it.