Men Define What Makes A 'Girl Next Door' And Their Answers Are Hilariously Typical

Ah, yes, the elusive, iconic and beautiful girl next door: a rare but well-known breed... you know, like a monarch butterfly or a jungle bird.

Girls next door have left grown men and teenage boys pining away ever since Topanga stole Corey's heart on "Boy Meets World," when Wendy Peffercorn saved Squints from the deep end in "The Sandlot" and when Taylor Swift wore big glasses in her music video for "You Belong With Me."

As usual, a Reddit user posed the question "What defines a girl next door?" and, as usual, men decided they knew the answer.

Here, a few male Reddit users weigh in and explain what they think a girl next door actually is. And honestly, it sounds pretty much exactly like how you think it's going to sound:

Of course, there are ALWAYS a few Captain Obvious guys in the group.

While some guys feel it has to do with how she looks...

...others insist it's more about her personality.

This guy tries to tackle the discrepancy in everyone's definitions. (God, love him.)

But this idiot (oops, I mean guy) has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

This gentleman thinks it's a lot more romantic than it actually is.

And this lad has a more, uh, cinematic definition.

This guy just can't help but overcomplicate everything.

Luckily, this guy does the best job explaining it all "in a nut shell."

The gist of all of this? Men still don't know anything, and women everywhere are beautiful unicorns.