Men Confess All The Things Women Do That Make Them Feel ‘Weak In The Knees’

by Sean Abrams

Though the term "weak in the knees" does sound a little like you've been assaulted and can't support your own body weight, it's actually quite the term of endearment.

If you've managed to find someone who frequently makes your legs buckle out from underneath you, be happy. Be grateful. Be ecstatic!

Jayme Burrows

This person has managed to push your romantic buttons enough that you're helplessly overcome with emotion in their presence.

What makes a person "weak in the knees" is usually different for everyone — whether it's someone's natural charm, the thought of planting your lips against theirs or something quirky and specific that they do.

Personally, I don't need dinner and a movie or a grand moment of passion to make me swoon. Just put in some effort and show you're invested, and I'm yours.

Want to know what might get your guy going? A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to confess exactly what things women do to make them "weak in the knees," and, well... let's just say everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

This guy appreciates a woman who can hold her own during conversation.

A surprise blowjob makes this guy the happiest man in the world.

This guy needs a little kick to make him (literally) "weak in the knees."

A little bit of pasta will go a long way.

This guy likes a woman who's able to drop her guard down and be herself.

These two guys are all about the ear play.

Funny and sexy makes for a perfect combination.

Crippling sports injuries will usually get the job done.

This guy likes a woman who shares his sense of humor.

This guy can't get enough of the "bun drop" trend.

A good, ol' peck on the neck will make this guy crumble.

These two guys like it when a woman takes control.

A woman who can drive stick is a perfect woman for this guy.

Butt cheeks will have this guy on his knees in no time.

Well, I guess it's a good thing for this guy that it's bikini season.

Obviously, it's clear that some of these guys are a bit more literal than others.

Sure, intellectual conversation can make you "weak in the knees," but then again, so can a powerful kick to the nuts.