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Maurissa Gunn And Riley Christian's Astrological Compatibility Is Tough

Here’s how this Gemini-Virgo couple might clash.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Let’s face it. Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian stole our hearts on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. Although there were a few moments along the way when we weren’t sure if they were going to make it, Christian solidified his romance with Gunn when he proposed to her with a gorgeous pear-shaped ring.

But now that Bachelor in Paradise is over, fans are waiting for the two to set a wedding date and get married. However, if you were rooting for Gunn and Christian’s romance on the beach, you might be surprised to learn their zodiac signs aren’t traditionally considered the strongest match. Christian is a Virgo who was born on Sept. 22, 1989, and Gunn is a Gemini who was born on June 2, 1996.

A Gemini’s mind is always on the go, whether they’re bouncing from one conversation topic to the next or flitting from party to party. Their spontaneity can be exciting to a Virgo at first, but ultimately, rigid Virgo’s patience might be tested. On the flip side, Virgos think deeply about, well, pretty much everything — including their partner’s feelings and desires. At first, a Gemini might help pull the Virgo out of their inner monologue, but eventually, these two signs’ approaches to relationships might clash. Geminis aren’t always as emotionally invested as their Virgo counterparts are. Still, these signs can overcome their astrological issues if both people are committed to respecting each other’s differences.

Gunn and Christian have both stated that they want kids sometime in the future, so they’re trying to find the best way to get the Atlanta native out to her beau in the Big Apple. “The plan is to get her to New York,” Christian told Extra in an Oct. 6, interview. “And then from there, we’ll meet the families, and wedding plan, and babies, and all this good stuff.” Since Gunn’s sign tends to be more adventurous and open to discovering new surroundings, it’s no surprise that she’s getting ready for her new life in New York.

Virgos love nothing more than making detailed plans for the future. Christian demonstrated this when he took his time getting to know Gunn on Bachelor in Paradise. “[Our engagement] wasn’t too long after the fantasy suites. I said [on the episode that] I had some things to, like, think about, which I did because I mean, having a family, being engaged is everything that I ever wanted,” he told Us Weekly shortly after the show’s finale. “So obviously I want to take my time and make the decision, but, you know, it didn’t take too much time. I thought about it. I got it out and it was game time.”

Their astrological compatibility is far from all bad, though. Geminis and Virgos are two of the brainiest signs: They love to find partners who can hold their own in a political debate or share their interest in classic literature. Gemini’s outgoing nature and Virgo’s introspective calm complement each other well, creating a beautiful balance. Plus, both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet that controls communication. Whether they’re hashing out a disagreement or trading playful banter, these two always know just what to say to make their partner smile.

Regardless of what the stars say, Gunn and Christian seem head over heels in love. We can’t wait to watch their New York City dreams unfold and eventually see their family grow.