A Love Note: Why Mary Jane Should Always Be Your Valentine

She's always there when you need her. If she's not around, you can always call someone to find her. She supports your terrible eating habits and will make "House Of Cards" that much better. She will do it rolled, packed, vaped, or whatever way you want. She loves all those leftover chocolates, even the ones with the coconut.

She'll think of fun things to do, like build a sculpture from empty wine bottles and unused condoms. She wont have flowers, but she'll have stems. She won't buy you dinner, but she'll make you to eat it twice, maybe three times. She's soulful and spirited, and sometimes a little seedy.

She won't care if you share her with your friends or pass her to your ex. She will help you fall asleep when your thoughts are keeping you awake.

She will recommend movies with a sick soundtrack and even better graphics. She will make you laugh at dumb jokes and dry humor. She'll stay up with you as late as you want and be there in the morning to cure any hangover.

She'll give you ideas that could make you rich. She'll make you appreciate art and music. She'll always keep a smile on your face. She feels most comfortable in sweats and socks. She doesn't want to see anyone else or do anything that requires too much effort.

She's content staying in all night and ordering take-in. She doesn't care if you don't pick her up for a few days and doesn't mind if you forget to wrap it up. She'll be there through the bad and the good, and will always help you see things more clearly.

She'll be your best bud.