Married Women Admit Why They Wish They Stayed Single

It may be a cliché to say that people always want what they don't have, but when it comes to relationships, sometimes that's the cold, hard truth.

Those who are single want to find someone who makes their heart dance and can officially take them off the market (aka the dating apps).

Those who are in a relationship, married or even married with kids like to flirt with the idea of kicking it all to the curb and downloading a dating app, where they can swipe themselves to a new life and a new lover.

Since we all want what we can't have, and I'm someone on #TeamSingle who wishes I never had to go on a first date again, I decided to chat with six married women who admitted to me why they wish they were single.

Here's what they said:

1. I miss sleeping alone.

There's nothing like sleeping by yourself. That's something you don't get to do when you are in a relationship or even married, like I am, for four years. I miss the days when I could have the whole bed and even apartment to myself. Sharing is tough. Being single and selfish has such a giant appeal to me some days when I just need some alone time, or desperately want to go to sleep and stretch out on the bed.

— Carissa S., 33

2. I never got to use a dating app.

I see all my friends swiping on these dating apps, and it just seems like something I wish I tried. I met my husband the old-fashioned way: in person at a coffee shop. Sure, it feels like a romantic movie, but a part of me wishes I was dating now, when there are more options and meeting people is easier. I seriously wonder if he and I would have matched on one of these dating apps or what our profiles would have looked like. It would be kind of cool to test that out and see if in today's world, if we would be together with the help of one of these apps.

— Holly D., 31

3. Going out to clubs would be more fun.

I used to love going out for a girls' night at a club, having a group of guys pay for our bottle service and dance with us all night. Now I go, and guys see my wedding ring and automatically think I'm boring. I miss being single and able to flirt with an outrageously hot guy at a club until 4 am.

— Gina L., 29

4. There's nothing like new love.

Ah, I miss the spark of new love. There's nothing like those first couple of dates with someone and all the anticipation over whether they like you, when they are going to kiss you or just watching their name pop up on your phone. I miss all those feelings. Everything is calm and predictable when you're married.

— Susan D., 30

5. I'd feel young again.

Marriage makes me feel old. Maybe it's because I gave up on trying to look nice all of the time, or maybe it's because I don't feel nice when I don't get attention from random guys like I did when I was single or looking. That's the only reason I wish I was single, to feel young and good about myself again.

— Diane B., 33

6. I'd get the chance to start over.

I'll be honest and say I'm not in a good marriage. I'm not happy, and hope to get a divorce soon. The one thing I can look forward to is the chance to be single again and start from scratch. It's hard to reset a relationship that's just all wrong and making you miserable. It's easier to start things off on a good note with a new person.

— Vickie F., 29