Married Women Admit Why They Wish They Stayed Single


It may be a cliché to say that people always want what they don't have, but when it comes to relationships, sometimes that's the cold, hard truth.

Those who are single want to find someone who makes their heart dance and can officially take them off the market (aka the dating apps).

Those who are in a relationship, married or even married with kids like to flirt with the idea of kicking it all to the curb and downloading a dating app, where they can swipe themselves to a new life and a new lover.

Since we all want what we can't have, and I'm someone on #TeamSingle who wishes I never had to go on a first date again, I decided to chat with six married women who admitted to me why they wish they were single.

Here's what they said:

1. I miss sleeping alone.

— Carissa S., 33

2. I never got to use a dating app.

— Holly D., 31

3. Going out to clubs would be more fun.

— Gina L., 29

4. There's nothing like new love.

— Susan D., 30

5. I'd feel young again.

— Diane B., 33

6. I'd get the chance to start over.

— Vickie F., 29