6 Thoughts You Have When You Go Public With Your Relationship On Social Media


Oh, relationships. You guys, we live in a time in which not only do we have to worry about the status of our relationship, but also about how we're going to present that status to the world through various social media platforms.


In case you've been living under a rock, I'll fill you in on some relevant celeb news: Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky are officially dating. At first, there were just rumors flying around, but this bad boy is now the "real deal," a source confirmed to the Daily Mail.

So now, I have to ask, who of the two is going to be the first to post a social media acknowledgement of their budding romance?! And which platform are they going to flock to: Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? The world is waiting with baited breath.

It's a moment that we're all familiar with: We start dating someone, then decide we like them enough to show them off, but don't know exactly how to do just that.

Here are all the thoughts that go through your head when you first decide to make your relationship public:

1. You freak out over which couple picture to post on Facebook.

This picture is going to be the very first piece of evidence in HISTORY documenting your new relationship. Which one do you choose? A selfie of you two? A full-body? One where you're innocently holding hands with the person, or one where you guys are actually doing something together?

You also don't want to appear clingy, or like the one who's loved less since you're kissing him on the cheek and he's just kind of looking at the camera.

But you're ALSO over-the-top excited because you've been through literally one million fuckboys before finding this guy. So, you have to find a balance and be ~smooth~, which is almost impossible, because you're... you.

2. ...And then, you freak out over the caption.

The picture wasn't even the hardest part. WTF are you supposed to write? "I love you"? "I really, really like you"? "My guy," with a heart?

And EMOJIS OR NO EMOJIS?! This whole thing is a goddamn mine field. There is just no winning.

3. You have to edit your privacy settings accordingly.

Do you want your mom and dad to see? Or your great-uncle who lives in Canada? How about your exes? Oh, you DEFINITELY want those morons to see.

You gotta be all sly and get into that drop-down list, choose "custom" and make that calculated shiz happen, y'all. Make it HAPPEN.

4. You consider throwing the pic up on Instagram, too.

Is throwing it up on Insta overkill, or nah? Then again, some of your Facebook friends don't follow you on Insta, so you're dealing with a whole other set of people who need the update on your love life.

OK, you decide. Instagram it is. But wait... which filter, though...

5. You wonder if you should text your SO that it's about to drop.

Do you let your SO know your first pic is about to drop? If you give him a heads up, he can't be mad about it, right? But what if you don't give him a heads up and he freaks out?

Maybe you should just throw it up but not tag him. Yeah, you're gonna go with that.

6. The picture is finally up... but will anyone like it?

Oh god, here we go. The dreaded wait. You're about to leave your apartment and hop on the subway so you won't have service, but you need to be refreshing your Facebook and Instagram every five seconds to make sure enough people like the photo. The likes-to-minute ratio struggle is real.

*Gets off subway 10 minutes later.*

Only five people have liked it? You have to take it down. Because every girl thinks the same thing when she doesn't get enough likes on a fire AF couple pic: Do people not approve? Is my BF not hot enough? Or do they think HE'S too good for ME? Is my relationship doomed for ETERNITY?!

Guess you'll have to re-post later. DAMN IT. ABORT MISSION.