Maids Of Honor Reveal The Crazy Things Their BFF-Turned-Bridezilla Made Them Do

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Being a maid of honor is usually a whirlwind experience for everyone.

At times, it can feel like you're the bride's squad leader or ultimate sidekick, being there for her no matter what she needs or how much money she's asking you to spend on her bachelorette party.

But most of the time, it can feel exhausting, especially if your best friend in the world has suddenly transformed into an insufferable bridezilla.

While no bride actively sets out to become a bridezilla, it tends to happen often and leaves the bridal party to figure out how to pull off ludicrous and extreme requests.

Wondering what some of those requests are? Read on to find out the crazy things these five maids of honor had to do on behalf of their bridezilla BFF.

1. I had to get hair extensions.

My best friend was the sweetest, most carefree person in the world, and then, she turned into a bride monster — no joke. Never in a million years did I think she would care about things that she cared about. She made everyone in the bridal party buy a dress that was $350. She decided she wanted to go to Montreal for her bachelorette party, and flights were close to $500 round trip. But the thing that pissed me off the most was that she wanted my hair to look just like hers, since I was her maid of honor. (She has long, thick hair, and I have short hair to my shoulders.) I don't know why. She made me get clip-in extensions, and they cost me $250 plus another $100 to get them cut in a style that would blend into my hair. It was ridiculous and so unlike her. I think she just got so nervous about her wedding looking perfect and went off the deep end.

— Carly S., 28

2. I had to lie to the groom.

Basically, what happened was my best friend was marrying a guy she didn't really want to marry, but her parents and everyone else told her she had to and not to mess it up. But she secretly did mess it up. She was cheating on him for a while, stopped when they got engaged and then cheated more. Finally, the guy she was marrying started to think something was up. My friend asked me to lie to his face and tell him he was crazy and she wasn't cheating. She was such a bridezilla about it and said. if I didn't lie for her, she'd kick me out of the wedding. They got married and ended up getting divorced. We are no longer friends because, honestly, WTF.

— Holly M., 24

3. I had to tell a bridesmaid to lose weight.

All my friend cared about was her bridal party looking hot, so she picked out dresses for us that were slim-fitting. People only looked good in them if they didn't have any body fat. Most of us were in shape, but there was one girl who just had a baby. She used to be in amazing shape, but she literally just gave birth two months before the wedding. My friend told me, because I was her MOH, I had to ask that bridesmaid to lose 5 pounds before the wedding. I was like, hell no, I am not doing that. So I didn't do it, and my friend didn't talk to me before her wedding. On her wedding day, she treated me terribly. And after the wedding, she snapped back to reality and apologized, but we still haven't really been close.

— Natalie W., 27

4. I had to carry a flask.

My best friend got married to a guy she was only dating for four months. Nobody knows the real reason she married him and married him so fast, but she did. Leading up to the wedding, she was a total nightmare. She was super stressed and took it out on me — her only bridesmaid. I was doing everything for her at all hours of the day and night. It was exhausting. She told me she was super nervous about the wedding and made me carry a flask of Vodka around with me the whole day. By the time the ceremony stared, she was drunk for sure. She mumbled her vows. After the ceremony, she drank more and ended up puking. I had to clean her dress and get her water. Not many people knew she was so drunk, except me, her babysitter for the night.

— Jen F., 32

5. I had to flirt with an older guy.

My job as maid of honor quickly evolved into being an escort for the night. My friend married this high-class, rich guy and was scared his friends wouldn't approve of her or have fun at the wedding. I was her hottest friend and her maid of honor, so I had to entertain this one guy all night. She literally forced me not to leave his side. I wasn't attracted to him at all, but she forced me on him. We didn't have sex, but I did have to make out with him. Then, I lied that I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't go home with him, which she was so mad about.

— Jazzi S., 29