How To Find Groomsmen When You Have No Friends


You never truly know how many true friends you have until it's wedding time, and your significant other starts asking how many groomsmen you think you'll have.

While your fiancée may have as many bridal party candidates as the “Kardashian Klan," you may be secretly sweating over not having as many guy friends to ask to stand by your side.

So what do you do when your other half wants to know your groomsmen lineup, but you don't want to admit that it's looking pretty skimpy?

Well, you could pull a "Wedding Ringer" and hire one, or you can do what these five guys did when they needed groomsmen but didn't have enough friends.

1. I asked my mom for help.

— Sam, 29

2. I begged a guy at work.

— Roy F., 41

3. I told my fiancée that I'm a loser.

— Jeffrey T., 37

 4. I bribed some guys.

— Eric S., 29

5. I asked a random.

— Joshua H., 35