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Lorde has some of the best songs about breakups
8 Lorde Songs To Listen To After A Breakup For All The Melodrama

She may never be royal, but Lorde is the queen of breakup jams.

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Struggling to find the right song to listen to after a breakup? Well, don't worry, because Lorde has got you covered. Lorde's best songs to listen to after a breakup will make you forget all about that person who broke your heart, because no one knows heartbreak quite like her. In fact, the pop star’s 2017 album Melodrama was inspired by her first brush with heartache.

Back in 2016, Lorde split with her boyfriend of nearly three years, photographer James Lowe, and she channeled that pain into her second album. "After your heart is broken, music enters you on a new level," Lorde told the New York Times during an April 2017 interview. "You suddenly find yourself crying when 'Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart' [by Alicia Keys] comes on." V relatable. However, she was also sure to emphasize that Melodrama isn’t a “breakup album.” Instead, she said, “It’s a record about being alone. The good parts and the bad parts.”

While fans are still waiting eagerly for Lorde to drop her third studio album, her best songs about breakups are here to remind you of all the good parts and the bad parts that come with the end of a relationship.

"Green Light"

'Cause, honey, I'll come get my things, but I can't let go / I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it / Oh, I wish I could get my things and just let go / I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it.

Want to get over that ex who did you wrong? Just give Lorde's "Green Light" a listen. The song is all about that moment when you're ready to let go and move on, and if you're ready to find your own "green light," then this bop will help you do so.

"Writer In The Dark"

I ride the subway, read the signs / I let the seasons change my mind / I love it here since I've stopped needing you.

Anyone who's ever experienced heartbreak can likely relate to "Writer In The Dark." As Lorde sings in the song, there's nothing like the experience discovering you'll be just fine on your own.


So I guess I'll go home / Into the arms of the girl that I love / The only love I haven't screwed up.

Not everyone is going to be able to handle your shine, and that's what "Liability" is all about. Like Lorde says, if someone decides you're "too much" for them, then you can always turn to the relationship that matters most: the one you have with yourself.

"Hard Feelings/Loveless"

Three years, loved you every single day, made me weak / It was real for me, yup, real for me / Now I'll fake it every single day / 'Til I don't need fantasy, 'til I feel you leave.

Recovering from heartache takes time, and Lorde gets that. "Hard Feelings/Loveless" is all about the journey of falling back in love with yourself again, no long how long it takes.


In my head, I play a supercut of us / All the magic we gave off / All the love we had and lost / And in my head / The visions never stop / These ribbons wrap me up / But when I reach for you, there's just a supercut.

When you're going through a breakup, it's easy to only focus on all the good times you had with your ex. But as Lorde points out in "Supercut," holding on to those memories isn't exactly productive.

"The Lourve"

OK, I know that you are not my type / (Still I fall) / I'm just the sucker who let you fill her mind / (But what about love?)

While a relationship may seem perfect when you're in it, a breakup can give you new perspective. "The Lourve" is all about realizing a romance that seemed picture-perfect at the time may not have been all it was cracked up to be.


It's time we danced with the truth / Move along with the truth / We're sleepin' through all the days / I'm actin' like I don't see / Every ribbon you used to tie yourself to me.

Facing the truth about a relationship isn’t easy, but as Lorde points out in “Sober,” it’s often part of the recovery process when you’re moving on.


I'm faking glory / Lick my lips toss my hair / And send a smile over / And the story's brand new / But I can take it from here / I'll find my own bravado.

Putting yourself out there can be scary (especially after a breakup), but Lorde's "Bravado" will give you the inspo you need to stand your own ground.

With Lorde’s help, you'll be over your ex in no time.

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