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Video Of Toddler Telling Off Cheating Boyfriend Is Hilarious


2-year-old Mila caught her boyfriend, Sawyer, red-handed macking on some other chick at the playground, and needless to say, she was not pleased.

Like any self-respecting 2-year-old, she decided to pick up her fake pink phone and give Sawyer a piece of her mind.

Lucky for us, her entire rant was caught on video, and let me tell you: It was truly legendary.

For those of you who can't watch the video right now, don't worry! I've got a full recap for ya here.

Before she makes the call, she explains to her viewers,

(I have to use all caps to match the level of absolute FURY in her voice)

Finally, she "calls" Sawyer and REALLY gives him and ear full:

She continues by really sharing with him how she feels:

And with that, she puts her phone down. Her job here is done.

But Mila's only human, and we all know how ~weak~ love makes us, so she picks her phone back up one more time and says,

But apparently, Sawyer didn't take too kindly to her pity "call you later" because she followed it up by saying,

Then, she obviously has to top it off with a reminder for him never to go hitting the park with a side chick:

(Is the phone connection bad on this fake pink phone? Why can't he ever hear her?)

Finally, she's over these stupid games with Sawyer and hangs up on him with this one savage parting line:

I don't know who Sawyer is or where he is, but I really hope he's prepared for the fury of this alpha toddler coming his way.

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