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Is Lili Reinhart dating Spencer Neville?

Meet Lili Reinhart’s Rumored Coachella Date, Spencer Neville

They look so cute together.

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Lili Reinhart might have a new man in her life — and no, he isn’t one of her Riverdale co-stars. On April 16, the 25-year-old was spotted leaving Coachella’s Neon Carnival with Camila Mendes and American Horror Story actor Spencer Neville. In the photos, she’s holding onto his arm as he leads her somewhere. Neville has his arm around Reinhart and he’s shielding her eyes from the paparazzi’s camera flashes. In other words, he totally embodied protective boyfriend energy. But is Reinhart actually dating Neville? (And was Mendes just playing third wheel?) It’s still unclear.

The Coachella outing was the first time this duo has been spotted out together, so there’s no way to know their current status for sure. (I mean, friends can guard friends from the paparazzi, too, right?) TBH, even if Reinhart and Neville are together, she probably wouldn’t be too eager to share the details. In 2018, she explained her choice to keep her romances quiet — and it didn’t sound like her outlook would be changing anytime soon. She told Seventeen, “It’s called a private life for a reason — it’s mine, and it’s special and sacred. My relationships are between me and whomever I’m with, not between me and the world.” Fair enough!

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Whether Reinhart and Spencer are in a relationship or not, it definitely looks like they’re comfortable around each other. Not to mention, they seemed to have a lot of fun at the festival over the weekend. On April 17, Reinhart posted a photo from Coachella, adding the caption, “Dis a happy bean.” (Presumably, she’s the “happy bean” in this scenario.)

On April 19, Neville shared a bunch of photos from the festival, and he seemed to be just as content with his weekend. “⚡️ what a time 🕺🏻,” he captioned his post.

Unfortunately, the duo didn’t post any pictures together, but these Instagrams speak for themselves. No matter what happened this past weekend, it sounds like they had a good time. And hey, maybe celebs who Coachella together stay together.