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Katie Thurston and John Hersey responded to Blake Moynes' emotional cheating accusation, and they we...

Katie And John Responded To Blake’s Emotional Cheating Accusation

Things are still messy.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Katie Thurston and John Hersey are opening up about their relationship timeline once more — and they don’t appreciate the picture Thurston’s ex Blake Moynes painted. ICYMI: Back in November, Moynes explained that while he didn’t think any physical cheating happened during their engagement, “there was clearly emotional [cheating] for it to transition as quickly as it did.” (Thurston and Moynes broke up in October 2021, and she announced her romance with Hersey less than a month later.) And although the new couple let him say his piece at the time, Thurston and Hersey responded to Moynes’ emotional cheating accusation on March 29, during an interview on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast.

It kind of was disappointing,” Thurston reflected on Moyne’s comments, “because Blake and I — and I think he’s gone on to say now on other podcasts — we both knew our relationship was not working out.” And according to her, there was zero “emotional [cheating]” despite his claims. “My relationship with Blake was a very separate situation [from] my relationship with John. There was not overlap. There was nothing but respect. It’s just two different situations.” (Earlier in the episode, she said that they had a “lightning bolt” moment when they realized there was a romantic connection — not a slow burn that might have started while she was still engaged to Moynes.)

Hersey also took issue with Moynes’ claims, especially considering he originally had a high opinion of him. “I met Blake and we hung out with Blake for a solid, what 12 [or] 18 hours? … And I did not have a negative opinion of Blake at all, like, we had fun together,” Hersey told Bristowe. “We did an escape room and we hung out all day. But that’s why when that happened, I was disappointed at first.” (There’s nothing like the betrayal of someone you did an escape room with.)


After Moynes’ comments, however, Hersey’s opinion changed. “And then I realized I was, like, ‘This is him capitalizing on this opportunity,’ which I understand — I get how it works, like, seeing this world now for the past almost a year,” Hersey said. (Um, although assuming that a reality TV star-turned-influencer is “capitalizing on [an] opportunity” is probably a fair assumption to make, I’m not sure that Moynes sharing his side of the story really qualifies.) “Just when it was at the expense of my friend, it was frustrating,” he added.

Still, the couple is trying to stay respectful, especially after the disastrous “12 Days of Messy.” When pressed, Thurston wouldn’t even explain how she and Hersey got together. “There’s just still a lot of, like, speculation, which is just annoying. To the point where if we even told our truth, will people even, like, believe us at this point?” she asked.

Here’s hoping they start sharing more behind-the-scenes details of their romance soon — though it might be a good idea to start leaving Moynes out of it.