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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly thinking about spending the holidays together to unwin...

Bennifer Is Reportedly Planning On “Spending The Holidays Together”

I’m ho-ho-hoping it’s true.

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After jam-packed months of international jet-sets, red carpet appearances, (in)famous yachting excursions, and all-around we’re-in-love-again merriment, on Monday, Sept. 20, People reported that J.Lo and Ben Affleck are planning to spend the holidays together in a bid to unwind from their hectic year in the spotlight, according to a source. The source told People that J.Lo and Affleck both have “months of work coming up” but they’re doing their best to carve out time for each other and their families.

According to the source, this holiday season Bennifer is looking forward to a break from all the nonstop publicity, and instead, taking the time to focus on strengthening their relationship and their connections with their children. “For Jennifer, Christmas is all about the kids," the source told People. "She makes it very special for them. She loves Christmas."

The source added, "This year, it will take some more planning since Ben wants to be with his kids too. They haven't made any specific holiday decisions yet and are still working it all out."

Since the first rumors of a reunited Bennifer began to percolate in April 2021, the couple has been fielding paparazzi and press with what appears to be no downtime. They spent J.Lo’s 52nd birthday together on a yacht tour of the Mediterranean, culminating in the Insta-seen-around-the-world officially announcing their reunion. Then the pair made their renewed red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 10.

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And while one source told People last week that Bennifer is "very grateful for their fun summer" spent together, this new source said that, ahead of their planned R&R over the holidays, "It's all about work for the next few months. Ben will head to Texas next week. Jennifer starts filming in Canada in October."

In the meantime, Page Six reported on Sept. 19 that the couple attended an outdoor screening of School of Rock with their families in Los Angeles. But with all the star-studded commitments, People’s source said J.Lo and Affleck were “enjoying their day-to-day lives and looking forward to their various work-related commitments this fall.” The source said, "They are living in the moment and enjoying each other's company. They really enjoy each other. They are like two kids in love!"

After such a busy year, the two deserve a restful holiday season. On that note, all I want for Christmas is a 2021 remake of the “Jenny From The Block” music video — maybe they can rustle something up with all their spare time over the holidays?

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