Iris Apatow is dating Kate Hudson's son Ryder Robinson.

Iris Apatow Is Dating Ryder Robinson, AKA Kate Hudson’s Son

Meet the parents dinner ft. Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and Kate Hudson.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hollywood just got even more connected. According to a sweet Feb. 14 Instagram, Iris Apatow is dating Kate Hudson’s son, Ryder Robinson. So yes, that means that Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and Kate Hudson now have even more in common — beyond their acting careers. Per E!, speculation has been following Iris and Ryder since August 2021 when Kate started leaving seemingly random comments on Iris’ IG yet nothing was confirmed until February 2022.

In his Valentine’s Day post, Ryder shared two photos of him and Iris looking very close. In one, he’s kissing her cheek and she is all smiles. In the other, she’s looking at him lovingly while he grins. He captioned the telling Instagram with a simple “❤️.” Iris herself commented on the post, “😌😗.” Apparently, this couple is a huge fan of not-too-subtle emojis.

The post garnered 16,000 likes, and the comments section quickly became star-studded when the duo’s A-list families showed their support for the IG official announcement. Leslie (Iris’ mom) wrote, “❤️❤️❤️.” Kate (Ryder’s mom) commented, “Sweets 💞.” Iris’ sister Maude Apatow, aka Euphoria’s Lexi Howard, also replied to the photo. “So cute :’),” she wrote.

Iris, for her part, hasn’t shared the relationship on her own IG feed. Still, there have been some flirty clues — aka comments left by Ryder. On his girlfriend’s most recent Instagram, he commented, “👏👏.” On her Feb 5. post, he complimented her bear-shaped bonnet, “Bear hat ☺.”

He isn’t the only one showing support in the comments section, though. “👏,” Iris left on Ryder’s Jan. 21 Instagram about making a movie. Hey, a couple who claps for each other, stays together.

And although it’s still unclear how long the couple has been seeing each other, it certainly seems like things are going well. You don’t get such resounding family approval for nothing. I can’t blame them, either. Really, what is better than a Valentine’s Day relationship announcement?