The New 10: Why The 'Perfect' Woman Should Always Be A Little Flawed

by Paul Hudson

No one is perfect -- hence, everyone is flawed.

What differentiates most people, however, is how openly flawed they are -- how much they embrace those flaws, embrace the individuals they are, how well they understand themselves and how much effort they are willing to put into developing those flawed areas.

The word “flaw” is seen as holding a negative meaning… but I’m not certain why that is.

Being flawed is only natural -- in fact, it’s the reason the world is the way it is and works the way it works.

Without flaws, there would be no evolution. There would be no mistakes, no lessons learned, no innovation.

A flaw is nothing more than a divergence from the nonexistent perfection that human beings have dreamed up in their heads.

It’s these differences, these imperfections that allow for uniqueness, individuality and beauty.

The most interesting women in the world are, by far, the most flawed.

They are the most beautiful, most memorable, most unforgettable.

They have been turning the world of men upside down for centuries and will continue to do so for as long as we’re around to believe in eternity.

The more flawed she is, the more unforgettable she is.

We remember things and people who stand out, who don’t fall into the background of our lives as most things and people do.

Human beings quickly become accustomed to their surroundings. It may seem unfortunate, but the truth is, without becoming accustomed to things and individuals, we would remain in a constant state of stress and discomfort.

We get accustomed in order to allow our minds to rest and focus on other aspects of our lives.

Nevertheless, every so often, something in our immediate environment, something we have yet to see or experience presents itself.

Sometimes that something is an interesting woman -- the way she looks, speaks, thinks, dresses, smells, smiles, the habits she has, the way she drinks her coffee, her particular sense of humor.

Sometimes it’s how she can’t seem to pick a garbage bin because there are too many color options.

Sometimes it’s how she seems to always be an emotional wreck and how all you want to do is to console her, kiss her and tell her everything will be all right.

Sometimes it’s how she breaks your heart by not being able to commit, by not appreciating you, by not being emotionally or mentally ready to be in a relationship.

Whatever the case may be, these “flaws” -- as many would call them -- will make forgetting her even more unlikely.

The more flawed she is, the more likely she is to shake up your world.

What flaws most often lead to is the unexpected, which is one of the main reasons people look down upon them.

We are creatures of habit, creatures who do their best to hold on to their current realities for as long as possible.

We don’t like change. We fear the unknown and fear the decisions that the unknown almost always bring.

Flaws are fine as long as they are our own; we may be in an elongated state of denial, but regardless of whether or not we’re accepting of them, we know they’re there. We’re already accustomed to the reality they allow for.

Cue the flawed woman gliding or stumbling into our lives, and we’re at a loss of words.

We’re thrown into a sort of state of confusion and excitement because we become exposed to a different way of living life, a different way of doing things, a different reality that has existed right under our nose this entire time.

Sometimes this new version of the world is exactly the change we’re looking for. Other times it’s a detour from our reality -- a sort of vacation, but one we aren’t likely to forget.

Flaws breed more flaws -- she’ll keep you guessing.

If someone would ask me to describe my dream woman in one word, it would be “fascinating.”

The only way to keep me around is to keep me wondering, keep me thinking, keep me guessing, keep me wanting to get to know you a little better.

Not all men are the same, but we’re all cut from a similar cloth.

Men get bored easily. Surely, some more easily than others, but generally speaking, men are constantly searching for novelty.

Maybe this is why so many seem to find it difficult to settle down, to decide she’s the one, and we’ll never have need for another.

No man needs all women, but all men want all women. Find a woman who’s flawed in just the right way, and she will be more than you need -- maybe even more than you can handle.

Flaws allow for innovation and evolution. They allow for the unexpected, which, in turn, allows one to take advantage and seize opportunities.

If you find the right flawed woman to make a part of your life, you’ll be in love with a woman who is constantly changing, constantly evolving, learning, adapting.

Of course, not all women have the courage to embrace such a reality, but they do exist. At the same time, most men don’t have the courage to love such a woman, but that’s their loss.

She isn't afraid to do things a little differently, think a little differently, be a little different.

There has never existed a perfect person -- man or woman -- in the history of the human race, nor will ever such an individual exist.

We are born to be flawed. Why are so many of us afraid to embrace the reality we’re a part of?

Some flaws are positive; others are negative. Which is which is up to you, not the rest of the world -- no matter what anyone else will have you believe.

If you’re not happy with yourself, happy with a certain aspect of your life, then change it. Make the necessary tweaks, so you can look yourself in the mirror and love the person you see.

I’m flawed in a million and one ways, as is every other human being to have ever walked this earth. I accept my flaws. I work on those I can change and use those I can’t to my advantage.

Find a woman who does the same, who embraces and takes charge of her reality, who uses those flaws to leave her own mark in this hectic world of ours, and you’ll find one of the greatest impacts she will make in her life is the positive impact she has on your life.

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