8 People Confess What It's Like Being In Love With A Married Person

I am an expert on the subject of wanting exactly what you can't have.

I've wanted the bad boy, the guy who has a girlfriend and even the married guy. (Though, I've never acted on it because that's just not my style.)

Still, it really sucks to have feelings for someone you can't have.

Being in love with a guy who has a girlfriend is one thing, but being in love with a married man? That's intense. You run the risk of breaking up a marriage, and even if don't, you end up hurting in a profound way, because that man vowed his life away to another woman.

I'd like to think you and this married person you fell in love with would work out, if it were really meant to be. He'd leave his wife for you, with no questions asked.

But sometimes, it's more complicated than that, especially when there are kids involved or when the marriage has been solid for so long. Regardless, we just can't help how we feel sometimes.

Here are eight people's thoughts on what it's like to be in love with a married person:

This man who just can't help himself:

This woman who might be clinging on to false hope:

This woman who admits it's just messy:

This man whose life... sucks:

This woman who feels no remorse:

This person who's unsure of what to do:

This woman who, I think, did the right thing:

And this woman who just can't move on:

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