The Way You Celebrate Valentine's Day Says Everything About Your Relationship

by Candice Jalili

It's officially February, and if you're in a relationship (or even if you're not), you know what that means... VALENTINE'S DAY is right around the corner. So what do you and ~BAE~ have lined up?

Have reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town? Hitting the spa for a day of relaxation?

Oohhh! Maybe you're going to go all out and are a making a vacation out of the holiday. Or maybe you couldn't take a vacation, so you're settling for a fun, little at-home activity.

Or, or, OR maybe you're just going to have a ~chill~ night at home, hanging out and watching movies. Or, heck, maybe you hate Valentine's Day and just want to avoid the holiday altogether.

Whatever the case, let me tell you exactly what your Valentine's Day plans say about your relationship:

A romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant.


According to Elite Daily's Valentine's Day survey, 24 percent of women and 35 percent of men agreed a romantic dinner for two would be their ideal date, so don't feel lame for making that reservation months in advance... but what does this decision say about your relationship?

Don't worry, I've got you.

For starters, getting a reservation on Valentine's Day is tough. And I'm going to go ahead and guess that you knew that, so you made this reservation months in advance.

Or maybe one of you pulled whatever strings necessary to snag that reservation at the last minute.

Whatever the case, you wanted that Valentine's Day reservation, and you got it. To you, it seems like NBD, but the fact of the matter is things like this come naturally to you guys because you're a power couple. You're two alphas who have come together to become this unstoppable force.

Enjoying a relaxing spa day.


According to our survey, this is the one of the least popular options for things to do on Valentine's Day (only 3 percent of women and 8 percent of men are trying to get their ~spa~ on). But you know what I say to that? MORE POWER TO YOU.

While all of your friends are going to romantic dinners and planning cozy nights in like every other basic couple on planet Earth, the two of you are doing something different. And frankly, it's super bougie and way more fun than any of the other options.

This says a lot about the two of you as a couple.

First and foremost, by doing something different, you're showing that you aren't afraid to go against the grain and do your own thing.

Second, let's think about the actual activity you've chosen. In choosing a spa day, you're proving that you know the value of taking the time to really take care of yourselves and unwind. You're the type of couple that's never going to go to bed angry because you know the importance of really truly feeling good.

You can look forward to years and years of chill vibes and smiles together.

You're the type of couple that's never going to go to bed angry because you know the importance of really, truly feeling good.

Getting cozy at home with dinner and a movie.


If you're feeling lame for not doing much on Valentine's Day, don't worry, you're not alone. Our survey found that staying at home for a low-key night is a popular Valentine's Day option, especially for women (43 percent of women and 27 percent of men agreed this sounds like their ideal night).

As far as what that means for your relationship, I have good news for you, my friend. The fact that you see just hanging out with your partner in a low-key setting as romantic means GREAT things for your future.

The two of you are genuinely, totally and completely in love with each other. You don't need a fancy dinner or a spa day to remind you of that. Just a simple cuddle on the couch with some funny jokes and deep talks is enough to remind you that you're lucky to have each other.

Wherever life takes you, the two of you will thrive simply because you have each other.

Doing a fun activity together, like karaoke or ice skating.


So, this isn't the MOST popular option for things to do (only 9 percent of women and 4 percent of men are trying to go out there and do something), but the good news is you guys are FUN.

You guys are the fun couple everyone wants to be around. You are also, quite frankly, my worst nightmare. (Don't take it personally, I'm just very lazy and you're just very energetic. It would never work out.)

Of course the two of you are going to spend Valentine's Day out there DOING something — that's how you like to spend your whole life.

What's fun about you guys, in particular, is that you know how to make the best out of what you have.

Even if you wind up living in a boring suburb, in a boring house with a white picket fence, every day will be a wild, crazy adventure simply because you have each other by your side.

Going on a fun trip.


Our survey says 14 percent of women and 22 percent of men agreed that a trip somewhere would be the BEST way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

If you and your BAE agree, it means the two of you live life LARGE. Lots of couples talk about going on vacations... you're the couple that actually does it.

You don't live your life — or your relationship — in hypotheticals. No, you live your life out loud and put all of your thoughts and dreams into action.

The rest of your life with each other will be spent living life to the absolute fullest and going on the most wild, insane adventures with your partner by your side.

Oh, I also bet you guys have an awesome sex life.

You don't live your life — or your relationship — in hypotheticals. No, you live your life out loud and put all of your thoughts and dreams into action.

Not celebrating.


Our survey did find that this was one of the least popular options for ways to spend the day (only 7 percent of women and 4 percent of men agree that it would be the best way to celebrate), but DON'T WORRY. This doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed. 

Well, actually, let me clarify.

If you secretly sort of wish you were celebrating and are holding back just because your partner doesn't want to or vice versa, then you have a problem.

But if the two of you are on the same page about not wanting to celebrate the commercial holiday, all I have to say is GO YOU.

Full disclosure: I'm honestly a little partial to the couple that stays in to celebrate because that's what my boyfriend and I are doing, but you two just might be the strongest couple in the bunch.

If both of you don't believe in the holiday, odds are your values are pretty in sync about a lot of things.

Furthermore, the fact that you don't feel pressured to celebrate despite what society (and probably all of your friends and also your mom) tells you is "normal" shows you're strong and confident in your relationship and don't need their validation.