5 Ways To Stop Yourself From Texting The Guy You Know Is Bad For You

by Alison Segel

I am definitely guilty of texting guys who are bad for me. I mean, are there people other than that whom I'm supposed to be texting?

Apparently, yes: people who are nice, good and positive influences in my life.


Well, if you, like me, are tempted to only interact with people who wreck your heart and your soul, here are some ways to stop yourself from texting guys you know are bad for you...

...other than by throwing your phone into the ocean.

1. Delete His Number

This is option number one, and it's the easiest, so start here if you're serious about never texting this guy again.

Delete his number, delete any text message streams on your phone and on your computer, and delete any voicemails that your guy has left you.

Go back in any direct messages and delete any times that you two have exchanged phone numbers.

Once you've completely removed his phone number from your contact list, it's kind of hard to get in touch with him, right?

2. Change His Name In Your Contact List

If you're not going to delete this guy's number, at least change his name.

I love to change my ex-boyfriends' phone numbers in my contact list to things like "cheated on me" or "didn't cuddle" or "doesn't like you." Sometimes, just the poop emoji will do or a simple "DON'T TEXT THIS PERSON."

That way, every time you're tempted to text that guy you definitely should not be texting, you're reminded of all the reasons not to.

I can't be the only one who does this, right?

3. Block Him

I was once having this weird, long-distance fling with a guy who suddenly ghosted me and got a girlfriend, but continued to like my Instagram photos.

I kept wanting to text him to ask him what the hell happened, so instead, I just blocked his number.

Does it seem dramatic? Maybe. But sometimes, when you have a hard time exhibiting self-control, it's better to just let AT&T or Sprint control your love life for you.

4. Download An App

Want to stop texting an ex or a guy who is bad for you? There's an app for that.

Try downloading the app Drunk Mode, which will block a number for 12 hours at a time. If you try to unblock it, you'll have to answer a series of difficult math problems in order to unlock that phone number.

While the app's intention is to prevent drunk texting, it also works for those breakup booty calls, which I've definitely been known to get myself into.

Focus Lock is another program that will actually lock your apps on your phone for certain increments of time. So if you feel like you might have the urge to DM or Snapchat your ex, Focus Lock will disable your social media until the desire to send an old flame hate mail or nudes blows over.

5. Hate Them

I usually only want to interact with bad guys if I am glorifying them and fantasizing about them. It's not about who they are; it's about who I think they can be! Who I want them to be!

Want to know how to stop texting a guy? Hate him. Think about all the lame stuff he does. Think about how if you reach out to him, most likely, he probably won't text you back.

Is that someone you should be texting? No! So don't text that dude! Hate him instead!

What are your tactics for not texting guys? Do you download an app, block his number, or do you just have will power all within yourself and no better than to text guys who are not good for you?