Guys Reveal The Smoothest Things Girls Have Said Or Done To Them, So Take Some Notes

Stocksy/Emmanuel Hidalgo

Of all the words I would use to describe myself, "smooth" is definitely not one of them. In my general life, I'm just not a smooth person. I'm the friend who blurts out the secret because she didn't realize it was a secret or the one who will be talking smack when the person I'm talking about is standing directly behind me. And things only get worse when I'm trying to show a guy I like him. Seriously, the art of learning how to show a guy you like him is one that I have yet to master.

Luckily, I wound up in a relationship with a guy who finds my awkward inability to make literally any of the first moves endearing. But the vast majority of my dating career has been a long series of awkward and unsuccessful attempts on my part to play it cool and convince the guy I like that I don't actually like him. Makes sense, right?

Yeah, so I'm probably not the person you should go to for tips on how to show a guy you like him. But these dudes might actually have some better advice for you. In a recent Reddit thread, they shared the smoothest things girls did or said when putting moves on them. READ ALONG AND TAKE NOTES, LADIES.

She found a way to give him her number without him asking.

She managed to give him her number and touch his butt.

Kayla Snell/Stocksy

She didn't bother beating around the bush.

She asked to hold his hand, and he thought it was adorable.

She paid his lunch bill when she wasn't even there.

She cut right to it.


She told him he was "pretty." Then, she corrected herself.

She made it clear there was a high chance they were going to get it on.

She set herself apart from his ex.

Léa Jones

She alluded to a sleepover.

She seamlessly demanded a kiss.

All right, now, write these tips down and go put the ~MOVES~ on your crush.

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