Why The Guy Who Looks Good And Feels Good Always Gets The Girl

by Chris Riotta

A man's confidence and self-worth is complex. When we smell success, we hunt it down for keeps.

Whether it presents itself in the form of a final interview, a job promotion or a second date, men (just like women) have the keen ability to see these sorts of opportunities in life and chase after them.

The right guy knows the way he's dressing and presenting himself is half the battle in climbing the ladder to success.

It's an obvious truth: The guy who looks the part is setting himself up for his ultimate goals, and donning the right outfit brings him one step closer.

When a man looks good, he feels good. And when we feel good, we're more likely to shed those inhibitions preventing us from chasing our dreams.

It's like taking a shot of tequila before an interview: It loosens you up, reminds you you're a badass on all fronts and you can handle the hard knock-backs life throws at us every now and again.

Plus, there's nothing sexier than downing a shot while suited-up with a fresh watch and clean shoes, amirite?

In order to be successful, you first have to dress the part.

On a study conducted by Kelton Research, PR Newswire reports the way a man dresses is more than crucial for a guy looking to climb the corporate ladder; the right suit can help a man get ahead of his competition in the work place, at the bar and in many other aspects of his life.

According to the data, 22 percent of men acknowledge if they put more effort into the way they dress for work, they'd likely be making more money than their current income.

What's even more interesting is a whopping 75 percent of Americans feel men who dress well in the work place deserve more successful careers than those who are either still in last night's get up, or have throw on the first thing they've found before rushing out the door.

Real Men Real Style reports on several ways a guy can begin to step up his wardrobe game in order to position himself to be one of the most successful men in his community.

They say by starting with white and blue shirts and building styles off those, you're one step closer to grounding your style as professional and impressive.

Some other tips include having sleek dark jeans to wear when the appropriate events call for those to be worn.

These could include anything from a company happy hour to a second date in the park.

Dark jeans are my go-to pants when the occasion is somewhat more casual, and they help complete a rugged look come summertime with a slightly unbuttoned collared shirt (it helps when the sun is sizzling down our backs, too).

Still, RMRS says to avoid the frequent use of denim, and I fully agree.

In fact, avoiding fashion trends is usually helpful for guys who are just starting to expand on their style.

By following the basics (having at least one good suit in the closet at all times, saving and investing in sleek shoes, along with the subtle use of accessories), most guys are well on their way to improving their position for that upcoming promotion and are even further on their way to scoring a second coveted date.

How to get the girl? Grow out the beard, throw on a suit and act like a gentleman.

PR Newswire reports eight in 10 women would give up something they hold of value, including a night out on the town with their girlfriends, using their cell phones, or even having sex for a year in order to trade their guy's appearance in for one a more refined, fashionable and presentable partner. (OK, ladies; we get the hint.)

Yet almost every single guy goes through a phase where they decide to grow out hair on some region of the body they normally keep well-shaved.

It's as if we just wake up one day after experiencing an incredible epiphany and, suddenly, we're ready to grow a beard, some chest hair, a man bun or some other hair-growth in God knows what part of our bodies.

If your man has decided to grow out some facial hair, there's a good chance he'll just leave that part of his face alone for a few days, or weeks... or even months.

As it turns out, this is not only a dirty look, but DailyMail reports unkempt facial hair can harbor some pretty nasty bacteria and even cause infections and the spread of thousands of germs.


Still, I'm a firm believer in the power of the scruff. In fact, I think every dude should grow out a little bit of facial hair, so long as it fits his face and looks clean and well-groomed.

What's that? Beards require grooming? Yes, men: just like any other part of your body, your beard should be properly cleaned and maintained using products to help the hair grow, shine and remain bacteria-free. Trust me, guys: you may not be too keen on buying any extra products you think you don't need.

But, I use all different types of hair and face creams exclusively designed for men, and life just hasn't been the same since. (Read: it's been better.)

Not to mention confidently rocking a fresh new style with proper hygiene won't just make you look and feel great; it'll also make it much easier for you to approach women and engage in conversation.

Honestly, nobody wants to talk to someone who looks homeless, or whose beard may potentially house an entire family of small birds.

Seriously, if you're going to grow it out, clean it up, too.

A woman will be sure to respect any man who understands he's just as much of a representation of her and her future goals and successes as he is his own.

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