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Here's how Tayshia Adams is reportedly doing after her breakup with Zac Clark.

Here’s How Tayshia Is Reportedly Feeling After Her Breakup With Zac

I’m still in denial.

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Since announcing their breakup through a PR rep on Nov. 22, Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark have been radio silent on the details of their breakup. Even in their public statement, they kept things very to the point, and I mean that in the most literal way. “Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are no longer a couple,” the former Bachelorette’s rep told multiple outlets at the time. (And that was it.) But how is Adams feeling after breaking up with Clark? Sources have mixed answers, so let’s dive in.

According to an Us Weekly insider, Adams is “doing amazing and great” following her breakup from Clark. (Wish I could say the same, TBH.) And her packed schedule seems like proof of that. On Nov. 30, Adams presented an award to Hoka at the Footwear News’ 35th Annual FN Achievement Award. Although a source claimed that Adams looked a “bit nervous on stage,” “[i]t was a great night for all attendees.” Adams also wore an off-the-shoulder black mini dress to the event that looked a bit like Princess Diana’s famous revenge dress... so read into that what you will.

But that’s not to say she isn’t hurting in the wake of their split. During an appearance on the Chicks In The Office podcast on Dec. 1, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Adams’ co-host on The Bachelorette, told the hosts that the breakup has been hard. “It is sad. It’s sad. I think everyone, like, [Adams and Clark] think it’s sad. Bachelor Nation thinks it’s sad. It is sad,” she explained.

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Per Bristowe, the buzz around the split isn’t helping things for Adams and Clark. “A breakup is hard enough,” she said, “when it’s fresh like that and everyone’s talking about it,” it can be even more difficult. Bristowe added, “When your own breakup is in your face, and you’re trying to grieve it, it’s a lot.”

And according to Bristowe, Adams will share more details during Michelle Young’s “Men Tell All,” which will air Dec. 6. “I think they’re gonna show [that] Tayshia says a little something about her and Zac.”

It looks like we’ll have to wait until then to hear about the breakup directly from Adams, but I’m honestly hoping that she doesn’t have too much tea to spill. I don’t know if my heart could take it.