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Sam Page and his wife Cassidy Boesch met at a cocktail party.

The Way Sam Page Met His Wife Cassidy Boesch Will Legit Make You Swoon

"I recognized the greatest person in my life when I saw her.”

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I don't know about you, but I love a good how-we-met story. For example, my boyfriend and I met at a bar when he drunkenly decided to get down on one knee and propose to me (a total stranger at the time). The whole thing was hilarious, yes, but after reading how Sam Page (born Sam Elliott) fell for Cassidy Boesch, my bar encounter sounds like child’s play. From now on, consider me a card-carrying member of the Samuel Page and Cassidy Boesch Fan Club.

In a June 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, The Bold Type actor opened up about how he met his now-wife, saying that he and his pals had made “a solemn promise” to stay single all summer. “Two weeks later, I met my wife,” Page explained. “I went to my friends and said, ‘Hey, guys. So, I meant that promise when I made it, but… I’m out.’ I hadn’t been looking for a relationship, but I recognized the greatest person in my life when I saw her.” Um, this kind of instant love is what rom-com dreams are made of.

Page later told Civilian in March 2019 that his life-changing first meeting with Boesch took place at a cocktail party, which neither of them had planned on attending. According to Page, he and his future wife spent the whole evening talking, and when they realized they lived in the same neighborhood, Page offered to give her a ride home. The rest is history.

Page and Boesch eventually got married at a beautiful villa outside of Santa Barbara, California. He captioned their first kiss photo at the altar with the words, “Making it official.” Page also used Instagram to post another adorable picture from that day: a wedding selfie with his groomsmen (who were, presumably, the friends with whom he’d promised to stay single). He captioned this shot, "On the runway, first class, about to walk down the aisle, and this is my groomsmen detail. Great men all of them. #cassidyandsam."

Since tying the knot back in November 2014, Page and Boesch have experienced plenty of milestones. They welcomed their first child, a son named Logan, in September 2016, and they shared the exciting life event in an adorable birth announcement on Instagram (featuring baby Logan leaning against the couple’s golden retriever). "The newest, best and brightest part of my life hanging out with the chillest and hairiest part," Page wrote. "These two are going to learn a lot from each other. Welcome to the world, my son Logan."

Just about two years later in August 2018, Boesch took to Instagram to share the birth of their twin girls with another adorable picture, this time showing her and her husband kissing above their newest bundles of joy. “Our girls are here!” she posted. “We love you Annabelle and Evie.”

The family moved into a dreamy coastal farmhouse in Los Angeles in 2020, as reported by Architectural Digest, where they’ve definitely stayed busy. In addition to raising their three children together, Page recently finishing shooting the fifth and final season of The Bold Type, while Boesch is the founder and co-director of children’s educational program, The Playgroup House.

Now that The Bold Type has officially wrapped, I can’t wait to see see what’s in store for this power couple and their adorable kids. If their fairytale first meeting is any indication, chances are they’ll be living happily ever after.

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