8 Signs He Sees You As The 'Forever Single' Girl And How To Fix It

by Alexa Mellardo

A lot of gals fall under the category I like to call “forever single.”

It's a category I feel is necessary to describe the chick who has been there, done that when it comes to the dating scene.

She has the entire package and oh so much to offer the perfect guy. But that's just it… she has yet to meet the right guy with all the incredible qualities she desires.

She believes so many guys have the potential to be great partners on the outside, but once she gets to really know them, she ends up being disappointed.

She's been hurt, let down and disillusioned. There comes a time in her life when she feels as though she needs to take a step away from the dating game, and focus on herself.

Guille Faingold

The “forever single” girl may have closed herself off to love for now because she's exploring other things in her life.

Whether it may be new hobbies, exciting plans and trips with the girl squad, thriving in her career or all of the above, this gal has some serious priorities… and being in a relationship is not one of them at the moment.

BUT, she could possibly screw herself in the long-run.

The right guy for her may pass her by, or overlook her, if she's intentionally taking herself out of the field. He may fear approaching her since she's made it clear she's “forever single.”

Here are eight signs he sees you as the “forever single” girl, and how to fix it.

1. You judge.

...And it's difficult to hide. Sometimes, it comes as a natural instinct.

But don't be too quick to judge, my "forever single" gals, because you're probably not giving the guy, or yourself, a fair chance.

Unless he's a total ass from the beginning, cut the dude some slack! He deserves it, and so do you.

2. You may come across as having a superior attitude.

Guys may assume you think you're better than them simply BECAUSE you're in the “forever single” mode... which is not the case at all. You're doing you, but make sure you're not refraining from talking to, or cracking a smile at the hottie across the bar.

3. You immerse yourself in your career.

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Having an incredible career, and thriving in it, is a life-saver for paying the bills. It's one of your top priorities, but it certainly won't keep you warm at night.

Try putting yourself out there, and practicing a healthy work/life balance.

4. You may not know how to be single, AND ready to mingle.

You also may not exude those carefree, fun vibes when you're out with friends.

In that case, he definitely won't want to come up to you and get his flirt on.

5. You give off negative body language.


The struggles of having a resting bitch face is all too real, and it's a prime example that your body language may exude negative vibes (even if you don't know you're doing it).

Be more aware of the vibes you're giving off, and make sure you're looking like an approachable gal.

6. You forget to have fun.


NEVER, ever forget to keep the exciting things going on in your life, even if you're crazy busy all the time and a boss career woman. Like I said before, it's all about balance.

7. You may come across as a fun sucker.

You might leave the bar with the squad -- or after chatting it up with a guy who came up to you -- with THEM thinking you had the worst time ever.

This is never a good place to be in. Turn that frown, upside down.

Even if you're on a date and totally loving it, how's he supposed to know that? Saying things like "I'm really glad I'm here," during a date can change his whole perception of you.

8. You're too picky.


We all have some qualities we'll never bend on in a mate. For one, loyalty is so damn important. But HEY — nobody is perfect, and you have to learn how to give a little bit… or you may end up alone.

Overall, the “forever single” chick is very confident, happy and focusing on living life to its fullest potential, but she needs more balance.

She has a list of important priorities she's focusing on, while removing herself from the boyfriend search.

Even though she's in her mode and will not remain that way her entire life, she may be giving potential guys the wrong idea.

They will probably not take a chance of flirting, opening up a conversation or asking her on a date, out of fear of being rejected.