Harry Styles: Love On Tour has been full of charming interactions, but this TikTok of Harry Styles t...

This TikTok Of Harry Styles Telling 2 Fans To Get Engaged Is Charming

Love On Tour, literally.

Anthony Pham/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles: Love On Tour TikTok is the most charming corner of the internet. Whether it’s a TikTok of concert-goers showing off their elaborate outfits, fans waiting outside the box office for cherry pit tickets, or Styles himself dishing out dating advice, the #hslot hashtag is full of videos that are ~so wonderful and warm~. But this recent TikTok of Harry Styles telling two fans to get engaged might be the sweetest video yet — and that’s saying something.

In the video, filmed at the Sept. 25 show in Chicago, Styles noticed a fan’s sign that said, “Convince my boyfriend to propose.” Not exactly the most subtle nudge, but Styles accepted the challenge and quickly started a conversation with the fans in question, Sarah and Lucas. It turned out that they had been dating for seven years, but Lucas was reluctant to propose, hence the sign. Luckily, Sarah had Styles on her side.

After reading the sign, Styles had a few questions for the couple, including, “What’s the hold-up, Lucas? ... You love each other? You’re the best of friends?” Although you can’t hear all of their answers (the crowd was way too loud for that), Styles seemed happy with their responses. And he gave them three words of wisdom: “Just do it.”

Just watch it.

In another longer video of the interaction, Styles added, “Just give her what she wants.” Per Twitter, he continued, “I do have a question. When you were writing the sign was Lucas there? Did he know the sign was coming?”

Sarah nodded in response, prompting Styles to continue, “Oh, then he’s doing it! Let me look at his eyes. Yeah, he’s gonna do it.” (Can we take a moment to applaud his deductive reasoning skills?) Styles added, “OK doesn’t have to be now, but do it now!"

The video cuts off then, but like Styles, I have high hopes for Sarah and Lucas. And I have even higher hopes for Styles himself if he ever decides to go into the matchmaking business. He’s a natural.