Guys Reveal Why They Have Secret Pinterest Wedding Boards


If you thought Pinterest wedding boards were gender specific, you totally thought wrong.

It turns out women are not the only ones secretly pinning every single detail of their wedding long before they're even engaged or dating someone serious. Men are into that, too.

Whether it's to potentially impress a girl later on or because they wanted to see what all the hype was about, your soulmate might also be secretly planning the wedding of his dreams.

Check out why these seven guys admitted to having their secret wedding Pinterest boards:

 1. I want to be prepared.

— Leroy H., 28

2. I needed to see what this was about.

— Craig S., 24

3. I kind of like it.

— Peter B., 28

4. It's not just a wedding board.

— Rick D., 31

5. It could be a future turn-on.

— Victor W., 29

6. I want to help my sister.

— Lucas E., 26

7. Don't judge me.

— Roger B., 26