Guys Reveal What They Actually Mean When They Say They're “Dating” Someone

by Alison Segel
Emmanuel Hidalgo/ Stocksy

Literally, what does "dating" even mean? I don't know if that means my guy and I are just texting, hanging out with 30 other people, seeing one another exclusively, or on the fast track to marriage. And for that matter, if you're hooking up with someone, can that mean you're just kissing or are you having sex?

Does anyone really know what "dating" means anymore? Romance exists in such a label-less, blob-like, grey area now, everything seems pretty much undefinable. This may seem convenient, until you actually have feelings for someone, in which case, your relationship turns into a living nightmare of constantly checking your phone, social media stalking, and being too afraid to ask questions of your potential partner.

Well, in this handy-dandy Reddit thread, a group of men attempt to define what "dating" and relationships mean to them. For some, it's trying to find a girlfriend, and for others, it just means swiping until you find a mediocre girl to have sex with. How fun!

This guy thinks it's science or something.

I love a man with a sense of humor. Hee hee hee.

This guy says it's hanging out with someone you're attracted to.

What does "hanging out" mean, though?!?!

This guy says it means consistency and a relationship.

He gets it.

This guy thinks all relationships are about making pointless lists.

He sounds fun.

It means getting to know someone better for this guy.

This guy says it's inexpensive meals and casual sex.


This guy says it's a lot of swiping in hopes of having sex.

But the good news is, it looks like this guy is 4/20 friendly! Line up, ladies! Swipe right!

This guy says it's mostly fantasizing.

Is this guy me? This guy is me.

It also means spending a lot of money, according to this guy.

Kristin Duvall

It means dating multiple people until you find the right one for this guy.

But this guy maybe puts it best.

So as it turns out, dating means a lot of different things to a lot of different guys. Hopefully, one day, we'll come to a common consensus. Until then, just keep freaking out about whatever it is you and your guy are doing, I guess!

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